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Gemeinschaft-Like Social Group

A Gemeinschaft-like social group refers to a community in which life is intimate;there is a solid understanding of each other in the group and sharing of a sense of togetherness. In this group, people have close kinship ties or tradition. This kind of group is a reflection of a group known as “youths for a poverty-free world”. The group comprises tens of youths in my local village and its leadership is shared between both genders male and female. The group has a chairperson, secretary and treasurer who are appointed by majority votes of the group’s members. There are mature local leaders mandated to advise the group on matters that the group cannot resolve.

Social capital concerns to the institutions, norms and ties that influence the magnitude and value of social connections in the society. The group “youths for a poverty-free world” provides social capital to all members through various ways. Since the group is not discriminatory, it unites youths from well-to-do families and those from humble backgrounds and provides an avenue for looking at lives in rich families and poverty-stricken families. Personally, I benefit from the members of the group since I can borrow study materials from those youths that have some.

The group also provides avenues for conducting academic discussions aimed at improving academic performance in order to improve lives in the future of the village. Additionally, the group’s membership from both genders helps us get to know challengers facing members from the opposite sex. After getting to know, we explore ways to prevent or tackle the challenges. Since there is transparency among individuals, we explore many dangers in lives like sexually transmitted diseases. This helps members to take necessary precautions so that we maintain sound health for proper living and improved performance in schools and the community’s projects.

The group is a Gemeinschaft-like group because there are exclusive reciprocity and trustworthiness amongst members. Above all this, there are brotherly and sisterly relations which enable members to discuss extremely critical topics about daily lives. Trustworthiness is depicted in the group, since individuals can borrow study materials  from each other; the academic exchange during discussions is lively and reliable. The fact that members are people from the same village and share same leaders are worth a reason to call this group a Gemeinschaft group.

The group social capital has always been helpful and fundamental during the preparation for end of year examinations . Every time exams date is approaching, the group’s leader develop limits to research and cover the topics should be done. During these discussions, it is useful to share knowledge from different schools what helps me to learn new facts and even get a broader understanding of the points in which I had scanty information. The study material that fellow youths lend me helps conduct extensive research on the topics that were not comprehended at the group level.

In my opinion, the group can provide constructive contribution and counseling to those youths of humble backgrounds when they face hard times in satisfying their needs. The little contributions by members enable the group to provide assistance whenever possible. Temptations of making irrational decisions are, substantially, minimized since members of the group “youths for a poverty-free world” are exceedingly concerned about the members’ welfare. The group gives counseling to those youths who come from families that faced marital problems. The group helps such youths to find the best ways to approach parents and help them make reconciliation for peaceful co-existence in the home.

The close contacts among members of the group provide much social capital needed for the productivity of the members and collectively as “youth for a poverty-free world”. The close relations amongst the poor and rich youths have immensely contributed to decreased unemployment levels in the village. Youths of able families talk with their parents and convince them of the need to provide employment opportunities to other youthful colleagues with academic qualifications. Such close ties have assisted some young people to soar through the ranks and became influential fields.

Through such appointments of youths, social capital has been a wide societal measure of communal health. Good social capital has led to consensus in society’s decision-making; it makes feel that each member voice is crucial in the running of society affairs. The group is privileged to have members from the same geographical area hence access to social capital provided by the group is not limited due to geographic and social separation. The group has had some negative consequences of social capital in the group “youths for a poverty-free world”.

The first negative consequence is isolation of outsiders. Since the group has been successful, there were relentless efforts by youths from other villages that wish to get membership. This has led to excess claims among members, where some are against inclusion of members from other villages while others stand strongly opposed to this idea. Another challenge is restrictions of individual freedom where village leaders have developed policies that guide members on how to associate with each other and the stipulated times. Despite of these challenges, social capital has transcended the boundaries of the group and brought the success of democracy and political engagement. This result has contributed significantly towards the lessening of poverty levels, which was the group’s ultimate objective.

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