Health and Fitness in the Society

Health and fitness are subjects that continue to draw multiple reactions from people and the society. In essence, the public has not considered health as a fundamental aspect of well-being. Nevertheless, the recent trends point out to the need to pay adequate attention to the fitness status of individuals. Statistics indicates that poor lifestyle contribute to the increase of mortality rate in the United States. People embrace an unconstructive mode of living. Consequently, they become susceptible to non-communicable diseases. Nonetheless, there are people who believe that health is a personal initiative. As a result, they detest the involvement of the government in such programs. The government should accord optimal attention to health and fitness in the society because there is an insurgence of cardiovascular and heart related condition in the society. The following paper explores the need to uphold health and fitness in the country.


Increase in mortality rate owing to cardiovascular and heart related diseases

Cardiovascular and heart related conditions have become rampant in the current society. In essence, these are diseases that impact the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. It is crucial to note that the condition occurs to people of all age groups. Research indicates that the elderly people are more prone compared to the young. Nonetheless, the current lifestyle promotes the emergence of the disease in the entire public. For instance, teenagers are increasingly becoming victims of the conditions. Some of the examples of the cardiovascular diseases include cardiac arrest, hypertension, stroke, atherosclerosis and thrombosis among others. These non communicable ailments are characterized with high mortality rate. It is because of late detection. Nevertheless, government involvement in health and fitness program will help alleviate the scourge. The provision of funds is critical in managing the situation. Public awareness concerning these conditions is vital. They need to know that heart related problems are propagated by an unhealthy lifestyle. The government can also utilize the funds to promote the establishment of the screening centers. As a result, mortality rate will reduce.

Rampant growth of fast food hotels and restaurants

United States has poor eating habits. In other words, they do not uphold the intake of balanced diet. They show a lot of preference to junk foods. The trend facilitates the emergence of fast food hotels. Most teenagers have a desire for consuming such products. In fact, whole meal edibles are unattractive to them. They like chips, hamburger, sausages and fried chicken among others. These meals have high levels of unhealthy cholesterols. Consequently they become obese. Obesity is detrimental to the well-being of a child. It promotes an inactive life. It also lowers productivity. The need for the government to regulate these facilities is evident. While they are profit-making businesses, they have a direct impact on the societal health. Health and fitness program can carry out a campaign on proper food nutrition. They can educate people on the benefits of nutritious meals. Needless to say a healthy community is a wealthy nation

Dormant and unconstructive lifestyle

People living in the United States embrace a dormant way of life. It refers to the inactivity mode of the body. In other words, one does not engage in things that propagate activeness. The issue is propagated by the white collar jobs that characterize the corporate world in the United States. They spend a quarter of their day sitting in offices. Moreover, they do not take the time to engage in physical exercises. The lifestyle lowers the basal metabolic rate of the body. Consequently, they add weight. There are also citizens who engage in drug abuse Alcohol, cigarette and marijuana among other drugs propagates unnecessary weight. For instance, the intake of alcohol is considered as one of the predisposing factors to the development of alcohol. The speech by President George Bush indicates the consequences of such lifestyle. Affirmative living is critical to having a healthy nation. It is, therefore, decisive that the government accords optimum attention to health and fitness. It will help in the alleviation of weight gain. Public education is critical in helping people embrace

The need to enhance life expectancy

It is evident that an unhealthy nation is a crucial factor that lowers life expectancy. In essence, people who are unhealthy tend to die at a faster rate. Consequently, I believe it is the responsibility of the government to set standards that promote healthy living. The life expectancy in US at 2012 was 78.74. Nevertheless, there has been an increase death because owing to the diverse infection. Medical practitioner have lamented regarding the new occurrences. Consequently, they advocate for the involvement of the government in the process of ensuring the wellbeing of the citizens. I therefore, believe that the administration has a responsibility in the health and fitness program.

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Personal responsibility

Nevertheless, in spite of the benefit of government involvement in the health and fitness program, people have an opposing opinion regarding it. The opponents believe that health is a personal issue that requires individual attention. They propagate the aspect of autonomy and independence. In other words, they believe that government fails in prioritizing the urgent issues in the economy. They consider the lack of employment and insecurity as matters that require adequate attention in comparison to health and fitness. However, these schools of thought fail to consider the level of ignorance of most citizens. It goes without saying that people are very reluctant on matters that pertain to their health. For instance, there are individuals who are aware of the negative impact of cholesterol diet. Nonetheless, they have not made a commitment to averting the situation. In fact, they continue with the same trend. The public is yet to grasp the reality of consequences of poor existence in the lives. However, I would strongly refute the perception. There is a dire need for the administration to have involvement in the health of its citizen. It is the answer to longevity that most people desire. We are also have the responsibility of expressing concern to our brothers and citizens.

Lack of funds

Opponents argue that thee government does not have to cater for unimportant programs such as health and fitness. They propose that government budget should include urgent issues that have direct impact to the society. In their view, the aspect of obesity does not have dire consequences to the public. Nevertheless, I think such people do not take their time to do a thorough research on the primary causes of transience in the country. While I do not contend regarding the availability of funds, it is evident that there is an urgent need to promote health and fitness in the society. The money that the government allocates for the health sector can be utilized to promote positive living. However, it is critical that the administration ensures that the finances trickle down to the grass root. Corruption is a great menace that interferes with implementation


The paper presents an argument in support of health and fitness in the community. It cites the increase in cardiovascular condition among the citizens. It exposes the rampant development of fast food restaurant that promote the intake of junk food. It further explores the need to prolong life expectancy among the population. However, there are those who argue that health and fitness should be a personal initiative. They believe there is no need for government involvement. They emphasize that the available funds should be utilized in building the economy. Nevertheless, the government should accord maximum attention to health and fitness.