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Implicit Prejudice and Implicit Association Test

The Implicit Association Test refers to a measure within the disciplines of sociology and psychology designed to vividly detect the given strength of any person's automatic association that exists between mental representations of all objects in their memories. The test on tolerance is a great initiative towards ensuring that one clearly understands one’s reaction or behavior towards a given phenomena. Such tests are aimed at eliminating any hidden bias in the lives of people either consciously or unconsciously (Greenwald, 2012).

The notion of stereotypes and prejudice is also brought out clearly since one has to understand how he or she came to forming given notions about a certain issue or concept on the societal scene. IAT is involved as it allows one to be free and give out all the information that he or she may perceive as confidential. It also engages one to a broader extent in a way that enables one to improve his or her ideals. The fact that it involves several interlinked tests that finally lead one to a final result and idea on his or her perceptions makes one have a notion that is perceived valid (Greenwald, 2012).

The Implicit Association Test is devoid of prejudice and control by any given individual. It allows one to express his or her perceptions on a given subject such as age, sex, gender and eventually understand any form of prejudice or bias that he/she may have. The fact that it has existed for quite a while and that its credibility has been proven by many researchers as having basis is a major way of understanding oneself.

It however intrigues one as the questions and several tests finally lead to a given conclusion. One is left to wonder how he or she may be judged to possess a given notion. I was left to wonder how they could understand my position as a bit biased towards tolerance. I was taken aback by the responses given to me and the final result.

There are however many disparities in the outcome of the tests. I did not concur with some responses in regard to how I looked at life and my association with the other people in society. There is also need for a proven mechanism in the way responses that one gives are related to the final outcome of the IAT results. The mechanism should be clear to people so that there is few criticism in relation to its workings and conclusions. The parties involved should reveal the truth about the sources of reference and how authentic the conclusion drawn from the tests is (Azar, 2008).

Implicit Association Test has earned much accolade in terms of giving people an idea of what they feel and perceive in line with relationships with societal members. However, the credibility of some of the results and conclusions still needs to be proved. There is need for a proven way of understanding the issues at hand and what the analysis clearly brings out.

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