Influence of the Social Climate in the United States

In order to outline the key question of the essay- the way the social climate of US in 1960-s has influenced the way in which racism is viewed throughout “Revelation”, it is important to pay additional attention to the racism notion and its social impact in 1960-s.

Usually, race is considered as the classification of humans due to the factors of appearance, which are based on heritable phenotypical characteristics or geographic ancestry.

While discussing the problem of racism, it is possible to say that the racial discrimination in many well-developed countries  and in US in particular, is presented in all spheres of human life and activities: education, job searching, health care, cultural, lending and even in occupying some positions in governmental structures. It makes a negative impact not only on the social life, but there are also different restrictions for those representatives of minority, who are willing to participate in economical life of the country and to become being the entrepreneurs.

Investigation of the racism problems is carried out and different experiences, concerning that issue are outlined in order to discuss some barriers and obstacles. Racism awareness, in turn, is tending to achieving understanding of the process and operation of racism and finally the antiracism information is investigated in order to achieve the legal compliance, enhance social justice and finally to raisin specific performance levels.

Also, it is important to make an emphasis that the cross-cultural interrelation in the multinational social group should take in consideration all aspects of the human behavior and should remind the experience of the previous generations in the racism, gender issues and other types of discrimination and their outcomes.

In 1960-s the situation with the racial discrimination in US has changed dramatically in comparison with the previous decades. First of all, the bills have been passed into the laws and the overall attitude of the people has been changed. The main background for the racial discrimination before 1960-s has been based on the hate towards black people and after some significant events, this hate has become being mutual.

As an example of such events, it is possible to consider the attack on the Freedom Riders across the south – the mass show of both black and white citizens, which has been directed to testing laws, which enforce segregation in public facilities. In south they have been met with the mass angry people and brutal police, who have hurt them even to death.  Another event was the killing of Medgar Ever in his driveway. Medgar has been the field secretary for the NAACP. The freedom riders beatings, frustration of blacks wanting their rights in such states as Los Angeles, New Jersey, Chicago and Philadelphia the mass disorders have reached the critical point. That, in turn, has leaded to the toughening of the measures, concerning the black people – the clubs and physical force have been widely applied to the rebels. As an example of the racial discrimination it is possible to consider the cases when the black protestants were tending to enter some restaurant of other places, which were opened only for white people, they have been sprayed with large fire hoses.

Passing of the Voting Act in 1965 has leaded to the elimination of the poll tax (24th Amendment to the constitution) and also the literacy tests have been eliminated. Such policy has assisted all Americans, including black people in gaining equal rights.

It is possible to consider killing of two famous people in American history as one of the most significant factors in the racism situation changing. On 21 February 1965, Malcolm X, a black leader, has been killed. His professional activity has been related to appealing both to white and black to overcome the racial inequality. His activity continued until he was shot and killed. Nobody knows who killed Malcolm X but some people assume that it was the work of other black Muslims.

Another representative of 1960-s strugglers with the racism was the Martin Luther King, Jr. He has carried out the non-violent protest and that is why many people have become being his followers. Among them were both black and white people. Martin has been arrested and put into the jail for several times and while being contained, he has written a preaching book. Martin Luther King, Jr died of the assassin’s bullet on April 4, 1968.

To sum up, it is possible to say that 1960-s play a significant role in the history of racism in America.  Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. have made a great contribution into the solving of the racism problems because they have positioned themselves as role-models to many black Americans.

            While taking in consideration the way racism has been viewed throughout the “Revelation”, it is important to make an emphasis that in the stories of O’Connor’s, racism is a common theme. It is obvious that the lifestyle and the attitude to the people of Mrs. Turpin’s is deeply interrelated with the racism and even her self-important standards, which were applied for judgment the people in the  waiting room include such notions as ‘white trash woman’.

Mrs. Turpin was pride of being kind to her black farmhands and at the same time, she considered them to be idiots. Probably the main reason for such attitude towards resigned forefathers was caused by the mass rebellions of the black people for defending their social positions in US in 1960-s. That is why, Mrs. Turpin, a product of the social life of the 20-th century was proud of being black and at the same time she was tending to defend the human rights and liberties and to have the same rights which the white people had. More than that, while considering the classes of people, Mrs. Turpin put the black people on the top of the total hierarchy – “on the bottom of the heap”- [4]in the same level as white people, but she separated the two races. According to the plot, white-trash woman was also a racist but due to her hierarchy, the white people were above black people.

It becomes being obvious after the complaint of Mrs. Turpin that her race is not willing to pick up the cotton anymore because “they got to be right up there with the white folks,” that there was a great impact of governmental measures directed to providing the black people the equal rights with the white folks. The interjection of the white-trash woman has been the following: “They gonna try anyways”. It is possible to consider this phrase as the stereotype of white people concerning the black nations, which has been formed for centuries. According to the history, the black slaves were the people of the second-grade and at the moment they should not be provided with other life opportunities, which are equal to those, available to the white nations.

That is why after the black errand boy leaved the waiting room, white-trash woman said “that all black people should be sent back to Africa where they came from”. It is possible to consider such approach towards black people as an evident example of the racial discrimination which was present n American society in 1960-s and even all the measures, which have been applied by the government and by the activists of antti-racial discrimination movement, have not made a significant change to the general situation because even if white people were not allowed to show their negative attitude towards black  people,  their personal opinion has not changed to a considerable degree.

That, in turn, means that eradication of racialism is a durable process and the approach towards the problem should be complex measures, directed not on fomenting of racial strife, but they should motivate people to be friendly and polite to each other and free racial enmity