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In life, people tend to form superstition about events or persons that rendered them with too much confidence and anxiety towards the same. In the process, we become obsessed with these events which then become the reference to which our future relies. However, this obsession creates a compulsive disorder in us thereby forming the basis on which we continuously disagree on the outcome of an event. Therefore, we tend to engage in activities or behaviors to makes us to do something compulsive in order to get rid of this obsession. Architecture is one of the professional careers where this superstition of bad luck known as jinx seems to play a significant element especially where it only results into temporary good fortune. This paper thus, gives a scenario of a jinx especially from architectural point of view.

Jinx is normally described as a condition or period associated with bad luck that usually appears to have been contributed by either a specific person or thing. As pointed out by Cabot (2009), a person who seems to suffer from such superstition is normally viable to series of misfortunes even to subject matters which are not directly within his or her vicinity. In architectural designing, jinx is normally blamed for the ending of good fortunes or structures which had invoked too much confidence on the person. It is with such certainty that this paper gives a scenario of a jinx especially from architectural point of view.

Jinx Scenario

Image of a modern Olympic class ocean liner are designed and built to offer world class comfort and luxury just like the RMS Titanic. With inclusion of high-class components such as on-board libraries, pool, and cabins, the Olympic ocean liner is fixed with powerful wireless telegraph meant to ensure passengers’ convenience and its operational use. Moreover, the Olympic ocean liner is designed with automated watertight components and watertight doors that would provided maximum safety for its on-board passengers. With such advanced components, the ocean liner is then rendered unsinkable thereby providing more confidence to its passengers.

However, just like the Olympic Titanic, the ocean liner fails to detect an overhead iceberg thereby hitting it and causing damage on its hull plates. This then results into widening of watertight components leading to the sinking of ship. Surprisingly, the Olympic ocean liner is not fitted with enough lifeboats that can carter for all the on-board passengers and crews. In turn, it leads to death of more than three-quarter of the total population in the ship.


This scenario is jinxed based on the fact that the architectural design of the Olympic ocean liner had provided passengers with too much confidence and anxiety of boarding the ship. However, the designed ocean liner which had provided a sure win to architectural designing only provided a temporary good fortune which then ended with bad luck. A part from its advanced watertight components, the ocean liner still managed to sink and even resulting to more death. Therefore, it is imperative to engage in events whose failure would not be blamed on jinx.

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