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Joining Military

Military is one of the occupations that have been treated with the utmost respect throughout the history. It has been always exciting, and many names have been used to describe it. However, there was always a group of people mandated to keep a kingdom safe from  enemy attacks. The present military can be compared with knights of the previous centuries.  Knights were considered the epitome of strength and power, and hence they were given a noble responsibility of protecting all citizens. The skills which these knights possessed, their number and the strength of every individual in those groups were directly translated to be the strength of the given kingdom (Coates et. al., 1965).

Nowadays the situation is not different since there is a need for men and women whose role is to keep a country safe from any external attacks. Military is also important, as it undertakes researches in scientific and other procedures which ensure that a nation is well defended.  Civilization and industrialization require professions which are considered to involve intelligent people. Consequently, earlier professions and occupations such as military have not been appreciated, and their importance has not been explained to the public (Cooke, 1857). The fact that most of the innovations which made life more convenient originated in the military has been concealed. This is including global positioning and global information systems which were improved in the military. Additionally, numerous advantages obtained by an individual and the nation are also omitted.

In this paper the information concerning extensive preferences that occur to a nation or persons due to their joining the military will be expounded. In addition, it will be explained why intelligent people should join the military, contrary to some people’s perception that discourages graduates from joining it.  Military is also the epitome of discipline, teamwork and coordination, and even the most successful firms of this century should emulate it (Ingraham & Manning, 1984). College and university graduates should join the military in order to make their mental and physical inputs to the nation, and, moreover, to gain knowledge and skills that are instilled in this environment. It is more important for men, since it helps to create the impression of strength for the individual and give the whole country a sense of protection. It is the natural task of men in each population (Britt et. al, 2006).

There are many advantages of joining the military both as a person and as a graduate.  Some of these reasons are considered as following. After having a bachelor’s degree, more advanced training is required.  A person can acquire this training through a wide array of methods, but the military provides one of the most appropriate.  Some organizations are considerably reluctant to allow study leaves to their employees, but it does not refer to the military.  It offers very attractive opportunities for on-job-training.  This is another reason why people after obtaining their bachelor’s degree should be encouraged to join the military.

Military pay is another reason why people and especially men should join the military.  It offers high pay to all military members. Additionally, this pay is adjusted annually, according to variations in the standards of living. In addition, the salary of a service member may rise from Enlisted Pay Grade 1(E-1) to Enlisted Pay Grade 4(E-4) already after three year service, which is occasioned by a large percentage increase of income.

The amount earned by these military service members is very comparative. A good example is shown below for a regular member with military experience of three years.  


Married with 2 children

Basic Pay



Cash for Meals



Cash or (Equivalent) for Housing*



Cash Total



Federal Tax Advantage



Regular Military Compensation



The amount is sufficient for a man. The table above shows that the military pay is also given to the family members, namely to wives and children, and hence the burden to men is eased.

In military people get high enlisted bonuses. Although it varies in different services, the amount given to each individual is satisfactory.  In addition to these bonuses service members also receive special pay. It is not a part of the salary and increases the amount each individual gets eventually.  This pay comes with hazardous duty pay and is related directly to the responsibility of the individual. People with a bachelor’s degree get special responsibilities and ultimately high special pay as well as hazardous duty pays.

Another reason why men should join the military even after acquiring a bachelor’s degree is for the future employment. In the job market the employers prefer to engage people who formerly served in the military. Additionally, many private firms employ former members of the military due to impeccable interpersonal skills acquired there. Graduates should try to serve in the army, as they will always gain veteran’s preference in their future pursuit of jobs.  Furthermore, members of the military get a good pension after retiring (Lengel, 2005).

Men and their families are obliged to cover medical and dental insurances. With various problems in the economy it is difficult for most people. On the other hand, military offers all its members very suitable medical benefits. It is advantageous for men, as they will provide their families with this essential service. In the private industries some jobs given to the graduate lack this important incentive, and it makes the military service very attractive.

Military has developed a very strong sense of comradeship. All men would like to develop this feature in every environment. Serving in the military helps to generate camaraderie more often than college and the university. People serving in the army admit that they are sure to be protected by their colleagues even when their lives are endangered. They also admit that they are ready to do the same in return, and this creates a sense of friendship which cannot be found elsewhere.

There are also positive attributes acquired through joining and serving in the military. This is in addition to other features which are personal discipline, impeccable organization skills and subordination. Members of the military also develop a feeling of personal strength which is priceless but helps men to boost their self-esteem.

In the history of mankind men have been responsible for keeping kingdoms and countries secure. Those who possess sufficient knowledge are required, since defense is a task for mind. Therefore, a country needs the most superior militaries, or they have to commit themselves to this noble course in return. People with a bachelor’s degree should be the first to provide their services to various branches of the military (Rose, 1980).

There are various advantages of military to a nation. One of them is that it defends the country during military conflict. Additionally, some countries will avoid attacking a country if it has strong military base. A country can also volunteer its military personnel to alleviate human suffering in other countries that are war ravaged.

In addition, the military provides soldiers with a wide array of educational opportunities utilized to develop the society during the service and afterward. It provides employment opportunities, as civilians are employed in the military, therefore, their families have income. If people with a bachelor’s degree serve in the military, the defense of the country is implemented by the professionals, and hence the services of the country will improve. 

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