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Multicultural Perspective of Conflict Resolution

Conflict may be defined as a struggle or contest between people with opposing needs, ideas, beliefs, values, or goals .Cultures are intertwined   in every conflict since   conflicts always come up from human relationships. Our different Cultures normally affect the ways in which we name, frame, put blame, and attempt to harmonize conflicts. It therefore remains a cultural  question for the existence of conflicts exists .An example  of  a conflict  that  would  arise  due  to  the difference  in  cultures is   like conflicts  which  would  exist  between teenagers  and  their  parents .There always  exist  conflicting  views from the two groups when  it comes to their  understanding of things.  (HarperCollins, 1989).A conflict that has persisted in Darter has been the problem of    identifying viable solution. A viable solution to this persisting Darfur conflict should commence by having reconciliations between the diverse tribes in the region who all happen to have their own view of things. This makes it even  a bigger load  to  deal  with .The g  other  things   include  the  persecution of  the perpetrators of  the war and  a lot  of  human  suffrage.

The problem  persist for  long  as  the  two  parties  hold  different  perspective about issues  of  life. So the  greatest  challenge  for  almost  all of  us is  trying  to  see the  world  in  other  peoples  perspective .The  problem emerges   when  one  dares to perceive  it  ,they  fall in the  trap  of  being  egocentric in  their  judgments . It’s  very  difficult  to  be  able  to  see the   world  from other  peoples  perspective .It has  proved  to  be  a  difficult  task  to  teach  people on   how they  can  be  able  to  appreciate  other people  by  learning  of  their kind  of  lives .if people  would be  able  to appreciate other  peoples  experiences  in relation to  how  they  deal  with  life’s  issues ,the  society would  be a better place to live in  s there  would be minimal  conflicts . (Aureli, 2000)

 The problem  is  that  people  always  want  to  see the  world  from  their  own  perspective  and  as  a result  end  up  making  egocentric  judgments  about  how   other  people  deal with issues  and as a result  a conflict develops .It has  been proved to  be a difficult  task in   trying  to  think  in  natural  ways when  dealing  with  others  people  who have  different  perspective .One  way  of trying  to   cope  with  the  big  task  of trying  to   understand  other  peoples  perspective is trying  to  understand about  what is  this  other  persons  agendas, how  do  the  other  person see  the world ,from  whom  are  the   other  person dependent  to? What kind of information is the other person exposed to? (Canen, 2000).What about the rewards and   punishments they are receiving in their kind of world. Though  these  perspective  is  difficult  ,the  moment  one  is  able  to  apply  this  ways  to view  other peoples  world. Effective  interpersonal influence fully  depends  on  one  ability  to  view  the  world  in  other peoples perspective (Pfeffer, 2004-2010).

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