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Racism in American Schools

Despite many years of improved relations between different races in America, racism is still prevalent in American schools to this day. Although, there are laws in the American constitution that guarantee equality among all races in America, many colored students in America often find themselves on the receiving end of racism and racial discrimination at school. Kuznia 2011 argues that equality laws in the American constitution mean nothing to the students who practice racism in American schools if the preconceived attitudes and prejudices of the white population against colored populations are not eliminated altogether.

 Students from colored races in America form a significant part of the student population nowadays in the United States than in the past. The rate of school enrolment for colored populations in the United States has increased significantly unlike in the past where they were not well represented in the education system. However, colored students have to contend with learning in a hostile and racially charged environment. One of the most prevalent forms of racism that I have experienced on a personal basis is the bullying and teasing of colored students at school by students from the majority white population.

It is common to find white students expressing racist taunts at school consciously or unconsciously to colored students in the United States. Some white students dismiss these racial slurs and nooses as harmless jokes. I have also experienced racist discrimination on a personal basis where white students express awe over my high levels of intelligence because they have preconceived ideas about the level of intelligence of colored students.

            One of the most prevalent forms of racism in American schools is the covert form of racism. Many white students often make some racist comments without noticing. For example, Taylor, 2003 argues that it is common to find white students finding fellow whites putting down a colored student and, they do not take any notice because of complete ignorance of their own prejudices and racist behaviors.

            Racism is still prevalent in American schools because the covert form of racism is the form of racism most commonly practiced in American schools nowadays. The fact that cases of students shouting blatant racial slurs at school have decreased does not mean that racism is no longer present in American schools.

 Prejudice against minority races in the American workplace is still prevalent in American schools. Americans can’t celebrate making progress in racial relations at school, if the preconceived ideas, attitudes and prejudices against the colored populations are not eliminated from the white population.

 There is therefore a need of fighting racism in American schools. Although government agencies encourage students from minority population to report incidences of racial discrimination at school, some of the acts of racism go unreported because sometimes it is very hard to establish cases of racial discrimination.

Racial discrimination in American schools occurs because there are many loopholes in many school policies and laws that allow racism cases to go unpunished. For example, many schools do not have clear mechanisms and structure of dealing with acts of racism at school.

             These forms of racism against colored populations in the American schools prevent colored students from learning comfortably in American schools. Racism against colored students in American schools has a negative impact on their learning outcomes. There is therefore, a need of strengthening the institutions that fight racism in the United States schools to eliminate racism from the American schools.

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