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Repercussions of Perceived Gender Treachery

The world is united as one kingdom from the Bible history, various myths and a distinct society based on culture.  Love is a key factor in life for every human being wants to be loved.  The Bible teaches us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves: it is one of the greatest commandments. Historically, the society has been classifying people based on gender. This has determined their way of life and daily activities, e.g. in Africa where women have been regarded as inferior to men in the society. It is also practiced in other societies where education is still a problem, even in some developed countries that could be a case. With emergence of technology, the culture is changing and people are judged by the content of their brain, but not the color or gender, as Martin Luther Junior once dreamed.

A romantic drama film Boys Don’t Cry directed by Kimberly Pierce focuses on the life of Brandon Teena and how she struggles to find her place in the society. She plays in the film as a male to appeal to her sexual preferences, while interacting with other female counterparts. Brandon hides her real identity showing how judgmental and categorical the society is, she fears harsh judgment by the society beginning with the people around her. Brandon understands mind-conscious operation and peaceful heartbeat contributed by the environment we live in. Naturally, we feel safe and protected when those around us are warm, passionate, and welcoming. It makes you feel accepted by the society. In the film, Brandon lies to Lana about his real sexual identity because Lana is the only person he adores and feels safe around.

Today’s gender committees are formed to look at the various issues affecting people living in the society.  In the central part of Kenya, women have recently united to protect their men from being consumed by alcohol. They argue that the betrayal of the society allowing men to drink without being conscious has been spread by extensive local production of the brew. In the Kikuyu culture, which is the major tribe in the area, they believe that when a man is not providing for the family, then she is at liberty to force him to do so. This has made many men suffer from their wife’s violence. As they come home drunk demanding for food, it results in a lot of argument and eventually a fight. Men often lose in the battle since they are weak to protect themselves. Gender disparity has created a lot of myths about this community as their women are feared by men all over the country. As they fight for their position in the society, the failure by the men to cater for their wives is likely to translate into a bad reputation of the woman in the public eye. As a result, some deem them undisciplined and being incapable of taking care of any man. A majority of single women in the country are from the Central province, and mostly they are divorced.

Referring to the film Boys Don’t Cry, when Brandon is arrested for the crime, he is taken to a women’s prison in the Falls City before relocating to Memphis. Though the crime may have been associated with the friendship they had with the ex-convict John Lotter, in the current world the society associates a person’s behavior with the people around him. This suggests a conclusion that the surrounding environment defines the character of an individual. Psychologists believe that human behavior is mostly shaped by the surrounding society. For example, some children are born in an area where people are less educated to an extent that the only thing they do is fishing. Brandon is caught up in similar circumstances because he is arrested for the crime as a result of his friendship with the ex-convict. The criminal society he lived in with his fellow comrades makes him get involved in crime himself. And at the end, he pays dearly for the consequences caused by his friends.

In the United States of America, where the gay community is supported in some states, the progress has come as a result of the fight and constant demands by gay people to be recognized. The stigmatization and discrimination of gay communities decreases, but still it is an issue in many parts of the world. Some churches believe that same gender marriage is not right, but at the same time, we find other churches marring two people of the same sex. To an extent, it is confusing because it is like drinking the wine that you strongly disapprove of; likewise, it makes people hide their sexual feelings.  Before his death, Brandon wrote a letter revealing to Lana his buried secretes. If he had felt safe in the society he was living in, he could not fear revealing them to Lana verbally instead of writing.

When Tom and John took interest in Brandon’s identity, instead of trying to make more accepted in the society, they plotted evil plans against him. They forced him to drop the pants for genital confirmation after chasing him to an isolated place where they beat and raped him. Moreover, he is not allowed to report to the police under the fear of death. In the world, rape is one of the most common offensive crimes, with nearly every country putting up intense fight against it. Tom and John understand this offense and do not want it to be revealed to the authority or else they might spend most of their life in prison. The film portrays how many people are being defiled and cannot report to the law enforcement agents because it is either their lives being under threat or their rapists having good connections in the authority. It is most disheartening to realize that John and Tom have been his friends, the people who are to protect him and make him feel safe and comfortable.

Death is the most tragic moment in our lives. When a person’s life is taken away because of some misunderstanding, we might blame the society to an extent for not instilling in its members the proper life values when still young. In our news, we hear of teenagers killing themselves because of trivial causes, with guns being commonly used for such crimes. Investigation reveals that most of the victims were raised either by single or married parents in constant quarrels; the child picks up such behaviors and develops unfriendly motives himself. Parents owning guns should not use them to threaten their young ones because it does not manifest love. Example, in Middle East countries when a child is born, the father puts a flag of the United State of America on the wall pointing at it whenever his children ask him why, he answers that it is the enemy. The child grows up developing hatred to the Americans while not understanding the reason for doing so. Brandon’s death from shooting reveals the mind that has no compassion for human life. Though John and Tom were drunk while committing the murder, it is something they had been planning to carry out seeing that Lana was aware of their motives and tried to protect her lover from those heartless people.

Candace shooting on the head results from the consequence of her relationship with Brandon. Stories are told of people dying because of their relationship with the victim. The late Libyan president Gadhafi’s son passed away because of the relationship he had with his father who had refused to relinquish power. In constant domestic violence, whenever couples argue, their children suffer from divorce or death. For example, in Kenya an ex-soldier came home, quarreled with his wife, and set their house on fire including his three children, and committed suicide at the end.

The harsh judgment of Brandon’s genital identity in the film shows how untrustworthy a friend may be. John and Tom portray themselves as judgmental and gender-based personalities. If they had been true friends to Brandon, their friendship could have been stronger. The movie brings up many illusions, peculiar to the type of relationship Lana and Brandon had. Lana declares her strong feelings for Brandon to an extent she frees him out of prison. Moreover, when she is told of Brandon’s sexual identity, she still feels strong love for him. In fact, she stays with Brandon’s dead body till the morning when her mother takes her away of the scene.

In conclusion, gender treachery has a lot of repercussions. In the Boys Don’t Cry film, if Brandon had been accepted in the society she may not have died in such a tragic ending. His identity as a female may have been normal to John and Tom, perhaps they may have not developed hostile motives about her. As a society struggles to accept a different type of people, it may be a big challenge because it is difficult to change the cultural practice of people and the mind setup in the community. Gender disparity is still a barrier in many communities, as they are attached to their ancestral background. Therefore, we need to accept people in the society the way they are to avoid many tragedies resulting from self-depression. That is why I do agree with Devor’s statement when he said, ‘‘As we move through our lives, society demands different gender performances from us and rewards, tolerates or punishes us differently for conformity to, or digression from, social norms,” moreover, becoming member of a society has always been a struggle.

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