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Self Organization and Time Management

Responsibility is a one of the most important personal qualities. Self organization and time management helps people to operate at work and to coordinate personal life. In most cases, this quality is most helpful at work, as you manage your tasks properly and in the strict order. Responsibility Project website is the project about self-organization. In this paper, on the example of one short movie from this website, will try to define how ethical principles can be used to address organizational issues. In addition, we will speak about important issues, which are raised in this film, and what role do external social pressures have in influencing organizational ethics and how are they relevant to personal decisions.

In the chosen animated film Lighthouse, from the Responsibility Project website, we see an illustration of collective organization. This animation shows a lighthouse which stops to work, and its keeper cannot repair it in time, to stop a wreck. A person cannot do much, and he decides to go to town for a help, but as soon as he opens the door, he resizes that all the town citizens came up to him themselves. With a help of personal kerosene lamps, people standing on the top of the lighthouse, made a good substitute of a lighthouse lamp, which broke up.

Here ethical principles are clearly described. If there is a big problem, that needs self-organization and cooperation of a group of people, organization of one responsible man does not mean a lot. Risen issues of teamwork and organization in this short film are important, because they show a real effectiveness of group organization, in order to produce a strong and fast effect on the situation. Leader skills of a lighthouse keeper helped him to organize and distribute light sources properly, while teamwork of others was highly cohesive.

Despite the fact that animation does not represent legal issues, it has an ethical side, which is clearly illustrated. Animation also shows us how external relationships influence on the organizational ethics. Without any pre-history, we understand that friendship and social solidarity are one of the most important things in this process. Responsibility can be put on one man, but problem solving is not always the business of the one single person. Only team spirit can be effective in problems that are important and have a social status of any kind.

The same strategy works for the company and its organization. Different people may understand problem in different ways, as its solution. Joint and quick organization can be hard tack for a team. Understanding of the need of a fast and strong positive effect of every person in the company, can lead to problem solving in a short time. Connection between co-workers and awareness of a position and role of every individual makes group work really effective. As long as we think that loneliness and strong independence, the worse we do for ourselves. “So it is worth reminding ourselves that there is such a thing as ethics, and it belongs to the life we live together and the goods we share—the goods that only exist in virtue of being shared”( Sacks, 2006).

Speaking about organizational and personal decisions, we can say that responsibility acts good role is everyone understands his or her own liability as well. Having an opportunity to work in a group, people have a great chance to work on their skills in order to come for a better solution. Here, the ethical responsibility is the best answer. While people care about others, their productivity rises. Group discussion of the problem and choosing the best method leads to the best decisions for the company or any other organization. When everyone understand what is right and what is wrong in the workplace, business goes right. Strong team with one target and good manager are essential parts of modern business scheme. Nevertheless, many people regard ethical responsibility as “right decision making” that is why sometimes business ethics is not taken seriously.

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