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Social Conflict Paradigm

According to the arguments which Karl Marx used he defined conflict paradigm as class conflict in the society and the struggle between different social status/classes in the society. He emphasized that society differences arise due to materialistic worth of different classes between the rich, middle class and the poor. Karl Marx categorized social status and grouped them into three groups: bourgeoisie, landowners and proletariat (Grinnell, 2011).

Bourgeoisie are those who own machinery and industries and those who earn by getting profit out of their enterprises/investments done over the years; these are the super rich in the society, because when they are compared to others, they have more resources.  Proletariat are mainly support staff and the those at the bottom of social status in the social paradigm. This group sells goods and services or work as laborers to earn wages/salary; while the middle level group of social paradigm is known as landowners, this is the group that earns by renting houses or leasing their land to others.

Socialism and Capitalism

Due to influence of socialism in the society it will eventually replace capitalism. According to Marx gradual changes from capitalism is caused by the influence of socialism. Socialism is structured based on how materialistic people accumulate more recources because of their wealth (Rummel, 2011). Such people have more influence than governing bodies; these are the same people who manage corporations and bureaucrats who are in control of other society groups.

In his arguments he further stated how socialism has economic arrangements with super structures on intellectual, political and social status which is threatening the existence of capitalism. Capitalism is a political and economical system where private owners have control over the trade and industries, whith which they gain profit. While, socialism is an economical and political theory; where nobody controls the trade, transactions being done, means of production and distribution.

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