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Social Structure and Stratification

In the society today, each organization has increasingly come up with its own set of goals. These organizations can be business organizations, religious organizations and so on. However, they all need proper structure and specification of activities in order to achieve their goals. It is in this light that this paper seeks to discuss the goals, activities, leadership and general organization of the Cornerstone Baptist Church.

According to Homring (2001), an organization is a group of individuals who collectively have a common goal and a number of stated ways on how to achieve the goal. They are also organized in a particular leadership structure. Cornerstone Baptist Church in New Jersey is a religious and spiritual guidance institution with its guiding principles and values in which the members believe. It evangelizes to the community around and also offers its members and the members of the community some other services which are not directly spiritual. These other services include taking care of the sick, the homeless and the poor. They also assist orphans to get good education (Deering, 2012).

According to Wiersbe & Bailey (2003), the members of this institution are both formally and informally organized. Formally, the people within Cornerstone Baptist Church are united by the spirit to achieve their spiritual goals. Cornerstone has specific rules that govern the existence of every individual starting from mere members to the top leaders. The group also has its values and norms which are supposed to be embraced by each and every member to allow the church meet the stated goals. For instance, the members are supposed to respect the doctrines of the church and try to know God through reading and believing in God’s word. The activities of the organization are also well-coordinated by the chosen leaders who ensure that each and every individual in the church performs his or her responsibilities as stated. The church and its members are also seen to be formally organized since it is meant to be permanent although the members are free to quit while new members are accepted.

Despite the fact that the organization is the formal one, the members are also seen to be informally organized. The members of the church have the opportunity to interact at personal level with one another and share much concerning their social lives and the Bible knowledge. This may not be stated in the rules, but it is a personal initiative that takes place informally. This takes place between all the individuals irrespective of the leadership rank in the church (Ridgeway, 2009).

Cornerstone Baptist Church also has both the formal and the informal leaders. The formal leaders within the church include the pastor, the associate pastor, deacons, director of music, team ministers, education coordinator and the body of elders, which is the supreme position in the church. The body of elders comprises of the pastor and some other elected elders within the church. Their work is to be shepherds to the entire church members and also to have an oversight over the entire church activities. After the body of elders, there is the body of deacons which assists the body of elders in governance and with spiritual matters in the church (Morings, 2012).

Moreover, Morings (2012) notes that there is an ecclesiastical body which links the church with the other churches of Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Its function is to consult and ensure that there is proper cooperation and coordination of their church. Music directorate is another key position of leadership within the organization which assists in coordination of music in the contemporary services of the church. There is also the position of the team ministers who are voted yearly by the members, and their work is to ensure that every abrupt event in the church is solved appropriately.

Among the informal leaders are the members of the church and the church employees. The members have no direct obligation to participate in the church leadership. However, they have the rights to participate in the elections of the leaders and also to help make decisions when called upon to. Another group of informal leaders in the church are the church employees. These are the people entrusted with some work within the organization but are not directly involved in the leadership or decision-making within the church (Morings, 2012).

According to Ridgeway (2009), Cornerstone is composed of people from different parts of the world. Membership is open to each and every one who believes in God and in his son Jesus Christ. He further notes that gender is mixed up even though the number of the women outweighs the number of men. However, it is ironical that the number of male pastors is so much higher than the number of the female pastors. Also, the majority of the church leaders are the Native Americans whose number outweighs that of the immigrants.

This diversity in the organization’s membership and leadership reflects the diversity in the community around the church. For instance, the Native Americans who are the majority among the church leaders are also the majority in the surrounding community. Also, it is noticed that the number of women in leadership positions in the church is fewer than that of men. This additionally reflects the true picture of the community since women in the community do not take up active leadership roles as compared to the men (Ridgeway, 2009).

The leadership in the church reflects the inherent diversity in the community since the behavior is uniform. That is, the Native Americans who are the majority in the surrounding community are also the majority in the church leadership. Also, the women are seen to be fewer than men in the local leadership positions just as they are fewer than the men in the church leadership.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that for an organization to function well, it should have its leaders and members working together in carrying out its activities.

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