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Sources of Growth for the Women's Rights Movement

One of the major sources of growth of the women’s rights movement was social and cultural transformation of the societies in North America and Europe. Social transformation involved greater and equal access to education. This gave women an opportunity to become educated, and they started discovering that the basic human rights provide that all human beings are equal. The women’s rights movement became stronger as literacy level continued to increase among women. Many of them destroyed their traditional beliefs about women. The church also started adopting human rights as rights given by God to all human beings. This allowed women to continue advocating for equality between men and women (Henretta & Brody 87).  

The industrial revolution was also a source of growth for the women’s rights movement. It caused the expansion of consumer market, which in return caused production of goods and services to expand. Homes were reconstructed, as the demand for labor made more women to join the manufacturing sector as workers. This made women divert from their traditional roles, and they started engaging themselves in roles, which had been previously viewed as men’s roles. However, women realized that the way they were treated differed from that of their men counterparts in the factories. They were paid low wages and were assigned low-status jobs. This caused the women’s rights movement to intensify as working-class women advocated for equality between men and women in the workplace.

Continuous emergence of feminist writers also contributed to the growth of women’s rights movement. Many educated women took interest in writing books, which dealt with women’s issues. These writers provided an avenue of expression for women. They wrote about the plight of women and encouraged them to continue fighting for their rights. In fact, many of them enlightened women on where and how to continue defending their rights through their writing (Henretta & Brody 96).

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