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A stereotype is any perception about a given group of people, country, or individuals. Chauvinism and stereotypes are a major cause of problems in today’s world. Many people in the world are confused since they do not know what information to follow. Stereotypes can be of many types.  Some examples are Ethical stereotypes, Gender stereotypes, Regional stereotypes, and many others.  Each group of people holds one stereotypes or the other.  Stereotypes are based on baseless assumptions or some acts of small group individuals in the prejudiced community. Often, a stereotype tells more about the one holding onto a stereotype rather than the one stereotype is directed to.  Some stereotypes covered are: Perception that Islam is violent, women are inferior sex, and Americans are arrogant and boastful. Stereotypes cause people to be angry and aggressive (Kemick, 2010).

Many people in the world today, especially Christians hold that all Muslim are violent.  Muslims more so from the Arab countries are viewed as violent and they enjoy killing innocent people. Many mass killings today are associated with the Islam community. This has made people do develop a negative attitude and generalize all Muslims as violent people.  In the news, Islamic terrorism is always in the deadlines. The people in the media are often seen to imply that all Muslims are on the war to uphold jihad.  Jihad is the holy war of Muslim to protect the Islamic society against the attack from outside community.  The concept of jihad has made many people carry out attacks on innocent civilians.  Jihad is allowed by the Quran, but it sets very strict limits, it stated that no any person should be forced to become a Muslim, and the lives of all people in the community must be protected. This implies that jihad is against the attack on innocent people.

It is vague that many people today think that the Islamic religion is composed of violent lot who harm or endanger the lives of innocent people who doesn’t belong to their group. Many Muslim leaders are on the forefront to denounce violence. Muslims are people who love peace, but when attacked, they tend to fight back. Having some few Muslim bombers doesn’t imply that all Muslims are terrorists, the same way the world did not term Christians as Muslims just because McVeigh bombed a building in Oklahoma. A group can be affiliated to Muslim but it doesn’t mean that their acts determine the traits of the Islamic community (Macrae, 1996).

Americans are termed as the boastful and arrogant people by the foreigners. America is a country endowed with great resources, and different kinds of people always want to be in America or to be associated with Americans at one point of their lives.  The world views Americans as boastful people because they are seen like they have everything one can dream of in this world.  Another bit that makes the foreigners to see them as arrogant is the kind of language they use. Many Americans use words like: ‘fuck you’ without even feeling ashamed. This is how they live. Such words are not used to and by everyone in America, they are used by a few group of people who have something in common or are very close.  It all depends with the way people in a given community talk. Some words in the American setting mean a different thing in the Asian setting.

It should also be noted that the actual percentage of the rich and wealthy people in America just constitutes a small percentage of the total American population.  The Americans who are all over in the news, in the music industry and video acting industry are the ones to be blamed for making people believe what America is not. These are the people who use harsh words, dress expensively, behave in arrogant ways, and hence sending a false impression to the outside world.  This is a stereotype because we can not judge a whole country just because of a very few individual who behave differently from the rest. We have seen many Americans offering to feed hungry African nations. Can arrogant people do this? Can arrogant people work on helping hungry nations? The big answer is no (Stangor, 2000).

Women are often referred as a weaker sex, inferior, and poor when it comes to some activities. Many men today view women as weak people who can do nothing better than men. The Christian bible tells women to be subjects to their husbands and men should respect their wives. Many people have used this statement to show how women are inferior to men. People argue that is close to God than a woman since man was created first.  This situation has raised so many suggestions and arguments among both parties.

Women are also viewed as poor in education like in mathematics and sciences but good in languages.  This is just a mere stereotype that has made the world see women as a lesser sex. Women are so important in the lives of men. If not, why did God create them for men? Why can’t the large number of men do without women in their lives? The stereotype of women weak in anyway can be termed as baseless and unfounded if these two questions can be answered.  Today, women have proved to do the same things as men and at times they do it better. For example, in the field of engineering, the number of women is growing, in the field of actuarial science, woman are the majority which shows that women are not inferior in any way.  This indicates that about all stereotypes are unfounded and when not handled well they cause anger, aggression and hatred.

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