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The Queer Theory

The queer theory in society relates to the human behavior and reasoning that clearly contradicts the preset ideals upon which the society is constructed with regard to the roles of gender in society, sexuality and a person’s identity (Sullivan, 2003). Basically, the theory examines the abnormal behavior of members of a society in order to clearly why the behavior contradicts the normal setting of the society.

The worker

The first instance of a queer behavior is shown in the act (by Walter) by the woman. In the beginning she is holding a baby. She is relaxed on a rocking chair but when her husband gets home she stuffs the doll into a drawer and rushes off to the kitchen to start cooking. One must wonder whether she would have done the same if it were a real child.

An argument ensues when the man finds the doll in the drawer. She knows that the man’s job is very sensitive and can even see it from the workload that he brought home that evening. She understands why the man doesn’t want to have a child but she insists that he must get attached to a doll and even make sacrifices for it. She is clearly loosing her sanity because she gave the doll a name and has conversations with it when the man is tied up at work. Furthermore, the man is about to loose his job and life because she told his enemy about “Emma”. She has the power to remedy the situation however she opts to love the doll over her husband despite having witnessed the messenger’s visit (Wykes, 2008). She is exhibiting queer behavior by getting emotionally attached to an object in which she has found companionship and comfort in. these are the qualities that the man used to provide but no longer does. However, the man is working hard to provide for his wife a good life and in the process he was substituted by a doll (Emma).

The company also shows a queer behavior in the manner in which it treats the employees. It is queer that the company rewards the employees before killing them. The company shows that it recognizes the value of the workers and acknowledges their hard work. The man’s dedication to his work goes beyond question. He carries his entire desk to the office and even memorizes the entire human resource handbook (Wykes, 2008). However, killing them cannot be clearly understood and is thus a queer behavior. The reasoning behind the company’s actions is out of the normal manner in which companies relate with their employees. 

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