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Understanding and Managing Diversity

The statement means that all the people, who are in the different fields of research studies, do not develop certain commodities for the benefit of their own country but for the benefit of human kind. If developers and researchers were doing it for their own benefit, the world would not evolve efficiently. For this fact, they need to eliminate tribalism in developing commodities for a healthy and efficiency growth of the world. In this case, it shows that all cultures need one another for a better growth. As a result, it enhances cultural diversity. Therefore, the statement means that early developers and researchers shunned down tribalism to involve cultural diversity to their remedies because they were not producing for their own people but for the whole world.

What the statement proposes is ideal for the society. This is because many societies have borrowed what they are currently producing from other countries for the purposes of increasing their living standards. For instance, Argentina is one of the largest wheat growing countries in the world. It has become part of their culture and livelihood to grow wheat thus earning them an income. However, decades ago they used to import wheat from other countries (Sowell, 2011). This shows that they have adopted what is not in their culture. For this reason, they have effectively improved their living standards. If there was tribalism, Argentina will not have been able to improve. Therefore, the statement is ideal for the society.

The statement does not differ from what was done in the recent past. For instance, the person who invented computers, did not invent these computers to help people from his or her community, instead he or she did this to improve the world at large. Similarly, when the medical researchers are searching for a new cure, they do not develop it for their country but for the whole world (Sowell, 2011). For this reason, many different organizations have placed international standards to be followed. Therefore, recent history shows that the statement was applicable.

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