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An Analysis of Big Mat's treatment of Anna in "Blood on the Forge" by William Attaway

The ‘blood on the forge’ is a novel which was written by an American writer called William Attaway established in the steel valley of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the years of 1920s. the novel elaborates the story of the Moss brothers, who are three African Americans who struggle to earn their living in America’s industrial heart. In the town where they live, management in industries divides employees along ethnic lines, race, upsetting the determination of everyone.

According to St. Louis University and Indiana State University the story of the moss brothers and personal changes brought about by their contact with the steel-dominated North is a story of man who is changing nature in the attempt of advancing mechanism. They also continue to explain moss brother stay on share-cropping farm in the red hills of Kentucky, a farm that has been played out.

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On reaching in the steel-producing region of Pennsylvania in railroad box cars that are, the “new life” the Moss brothers faces a stranger new world, dominated by the towering mille as explained by St. Louis University and Indiana State University. The thematic structure of the novel is revealed by the way the three brothers are distracted by the harsh life in the mills.

There were changes in melody and Chinatown, particularly, show the changes experienced by southern black in great migration: they, too, had to abandon the folk way behind in order to survive their new, scientifically oriented environment. Melody who is musician, turn to his guitar for solace, picking out chords to show its moods.  Whenever he is in steel region, nevertheless, he experiences the importance of convert his style.

Melody has difficult in adapting to new style, however, and finally he stops trying. Melody lacks the persistence of anything he tries. This character is costing him since he can get into new technologies or new ways of doing things. He purposely gets himself in an accident so that his picking hand is smashed; thus he gets relieved off the pressure of converting his music to match the new life. Also Chinatown is forced to transform his life and identity due to an accident. Despite being the youngest brother, Melody doesn’t appear young like Chinatown.

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One of the concerns of Chinatown is to form about himself something to make him unique, to create people attraction. He establishes something in a gold tooth for which he concentrates on, viewing the tooth shining back at him from the mirror as it is explained in the article. Attaway says explains also in another article (novel), after Chinatown is blinded in a horrible blast at the mills. As St. Louis University and Indiana State University explains the story of the Moss brother led by their contact with steel-dominated North is relatively easy or simple.

In conclusion we can generally say that most of the novels written in America in the period of the great depression, many of them have gone into void. However there are few novels which have endured with literary reputation, for example “The Grapes of Wrath (1939)” and “Native Son (1940)”. It is also true that by viewing the experiences of the Moss brothers that is; Melody, Chinatown, and Big Mat, Attaway successfully produces the loss of the folk culture which goes with the great Migration of Black people from the rural south to the industrial North, in this case the steel mills of Pennsylvania.

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