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Art of the Living Dead

1. Title of the text:  art of the living dead.

2. Author of the test:  Lane Relyea

3. Summary of the text

The text is about one Charles Manson and his involvement in the murder of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca in their Los Feliz home in Los Angeles. The heinous murder takes place on the morning of Sunday, August 10th of 1969. The writer explores the circumstances of the murder and its impact on the society. It is clear that the Manson case is a case like no other as he appears to have been motivated by quite unique circumstances. He, for instance, is said to have acted out of the anger he had for the society which he thought had failed to listen to him. The writer appears to side with Manson and instead blames inequality and discrimination in the society as the ultimate cause of the murder of the LaBiancas. In fact, he appears to support Manson’s cause. Apparently, Manson sees the society as mare wax museum with the people representing animals on display. The writer this raises serious questions of racial discrimination.

4. The story also explores Manson’s fate following his despicable act. He is arrested and tried for the murder of the couple but this, seemingly does not change his weird perception of the society, neither does it change the intense bitterness welling deep inside him. Many people however vilify and condemn him. He is subsequently presented by the writer as a reject in the society. The story offers an invaluable lesson on the dangers of discrimination of whatever form in the society.

5. To better understand the text, I had to look up the following three terms:

a. Term- vagrant: A vagrant is a person who does not have a place of abode or a settled home. They mostly move from one place to another and are known to live by begging. The condition of such a person is called vagrancy.

b. Term-zombie: The term zombie refers to a corpse that has been brought back to live by way of mysterious means, usually witchcraft. But the tem can also be used to in a figurative manner to mean a person who has lost self-consciousness, or has been hypnotized but capable of responding to different stimuli their environment.

c. Term-helter-skelter: The term helter-skelter is used to imply a disorderly and chaotic haste, or confusion.

d. Concept- Criminal justice: This is the system of institutions and practices aimed at deterring criminal activities and upholding social control by sanctioning individuals who break the law.

e. Philosophy: The Philosophy of Law:  This is a branch of philosophy that seeks to answer basic questions about. It is often referred to as jurisprudence.

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