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Critical Thinking in Nursing Practice

"It is wisdom to know others. It is enlightenment to know one's self." (Lao-Tzu).

People learn throughout their lifetime by means of evaluating the information, understanding mistakes, and making right decisions. So, starting from the day a person is born till the last day, all of the findings reflect the ability of a human to think critically about different situations in life as well as to respond accordingly in the most difficult situations. Every person on the Earth does commit mistakes when making a decision, and I’m not an exception. There are many alternatives, as mistakes differ drastically; but the overall idea leads to understanding oneself. Let me talk about the real-life examples that cover some areas of my life and where I am more likely to commit a mistake while making a decision (Rubenfeld & Scheffer, 2010, p. 46).

There are many different patterns of change in thinking. People meet them daily in their personal life and professional settings. I work in a short-term rehab center as a nurse manager; I supervise nurses and nursing assistants. I have to make many critical decisions; I also need to be fair with all my employees. Working in collaboration with all staff members, I need to provide the best care for the patients. Thus, the pattern of change in thinking that I am going to discuss is critical thinking in relation to my nursing career. In this essay, I am going to justify the ways I will work to make this change in my practice environment.

Let me share some critical factors where most doctors could make mistakes. The sphere of nursing is quite difficult, and every action should be well-thought. In most cases, the decisions are made automatically; and in case the person responsible for the decision does not take a 100% responsibility for the consequences, the results could be rather negative. Hence, my nursing assistants, employees, and all the staff members who take care of the patients should be controlled in terms of their performance and effectiveness in the workplace (Catalano, 2006, p. 122).

As people learn the nursing job, they start applying all the principles of care and become more responsible when making decisions. My role is to help them learn what critical thinking is and how it is applied in the sphere of curing patients. The activities that may help are various group discussions, scheduled meetings, nursing puzzles, care games, questionnaires etc. This approach helps nursing personnel to change the methodology of critical thinking and apply it in their practice environment.

As I have understood from my practice, the diligent nursing approach for critical thinking lies in understanding the reasons of being in a hospital and curing patients. This requires an ability to think thoroughly, generate ideas on how to serve different people as well as learn how to behave logically in various nursing cases. The aim is to understand how critical thinking works in relation to different methodologies of recognizing and developing personal patterns of thinking.

The mistakes take place because beginners usually lack skills and knowledge to be able to understand the problem of the patient and do everything possible to help solve the issue. Therefore, the art of monitoring the situation is critically important for me in order to be able to deliver the best practice of nursing to the people I work with.

To conclude, all people commit mistakes, but what really matters is not the fact of committing a mistake, but rather developing an ability to tackle the issue and find an appropriate solution and, while combatting the errors we do, to approach prosperity in a long journey called life.

Critical thinking is a very important aspect in nursing, since I am the one to help people be healthy. The idea is to do everything possible to take the best care of patients. Thus, I consider nursing to be a profession that addresses the aspects of serving people and saving their lives.

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