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Donne's Holy Sonnets

“I know all about life and death. I am, after all, a scholar of Donne’s Holy Sonnets, which explore mortality in greater depth than any other body of work in the English language”, the above saying, is from Victoria who has been a patient of cancer in her life. Donne’s holy sonnets are contemporary poems which explore a rich content of disciplines that apply daily in our lifestyles and lives (Donne 2005). Therefore studying the Holy sonnets can change one’s perspective of looking outside him /her but to look at the general reasons behind the occurrence of a certain event in life. The holy sonnets range from the religious perspective, to death and here after, love as both the physical and spiritual development of our conscious being. This general classification f different nature of events and their reasons behind its occurrence has changed Vivian’s personal characterization of her journey in life. Therefore many ideologies can be seen from the above statement which Vivian made.

From Donne’s Holy Sonnet 10, which is commonly referred as Death Be Not Found, is generally the original work of Donne’s philosophical study and representation of life and death. The statement meant by Vivian is a simple representation of the beliefs that are contained in the poem which merely describes death as just a transition and that a person does not die but he changes from one form to another. According Donne’s statement, in death the soul or spirit of a person just transforms or does not die but its form only changes from the physical form to a spiritual nature of a person and it reaches its metaphysical state. Therefore, Vivian does not really believe that a person has the right to die or he/she really dies but continues to leave on, it is just his/her physical form that changes.

Technically his argument is based on the general idea of defining the meaning of death and understanding its primary objective is to just separate one person from another physically but not emotionally and spiritually. As death separated his wife from him, Donne felt like part of him has been removed physically but not emotionally. Donne argues that death is not the driving force or the judge who makes verdicts but as a fearful individual who is afraid, and as restricted individual who is under lock and key. Finally the other forces in life like he will drive Vivian should be overcome by strength in order to deal with death which cannot be allowed to reclaim and just take or separate individuals from their daily routines (Donne, 1990). If death was in control then Vivian could have succumbed to her death long before she could be able to make the comparison of Donne’s holy sonnets.

The Holy Sonnets have given Vivian control over death and thus if applicable according the holy sonnets, then Vivian is not scared at all to die or just giving up because her time has arrived. Donne’s comparison abilities were amazing thus he commented that death should not be allowed to be the king in the palace or friend who just comes and goes as he/she likes. “Death is not in control, for a variety of other powers exercise their volition in taking lives. Even in the rest it brings, Death is inferior to drugs.” as a scholar Vivian had learnt many things from Donne’s Holy Sonnets. Mostly important is the usual saying no tolerance criteria, of not fearing cancer and say that cancer is not under control of her life and it cannot separate her from her loved ones. Developing the power to stop death is what Vivian has been doing all through her life with the condition of cancer.

In the reasoning behind survival, Vivian has learnt the need to just develop the proper need for reconnection with other members in the society. From Donne’s Holy Sonnets 10, he describes her separation from his wife as a situation which is developing his love for her since he is with her but in a different form to other the physical being. Same has applied to Vivian who has learnt to live with her cancer as part of her life which can’t run away from neither can she believe she won’t be alive after the cancer spreads or her time comes. In immortal compatibilities with the death, as it has been described by Donne’s Holy Sonnets, is the basic fundamental facilitator that has made Vivian look deeper into her soul to find the fighting power over the hardships being brought by the cancer in her.

The soul is immortal only the body is not immortal that is according to Donne’s Holy Sonnets. Hymn to God, My God, In My Sickness, here Donne describes death as just resurrection and that one only wishes to die in order to go to heaven. Therefore the desire to develop a clear and critical realization of facts in your life will not only provide development of the soul but also the desire to have possible in chances in motivational sustenance of defining the real aspects of life. In her end she will take everything greatly as a championing in believing that there is life after the death of a person (Donne 1938).  The bible also says the same in that if you believe in God everything will be possible but not to those who ask about to all of those who ask. Thus in her end she believes that her soul will be transformed and she will be part of a transition of one inevitable stage.

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