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Eric Jerome Dickey

Eric’s books mostly focus on the life of romance, avenger and exotic place. His books are listed among the best selling nationally and internationally due to their thematic setting and the general layout. Eric has written numerous volumes of literature with sixteen of them and among which eleven have been listed as the bestsellers by the New York Times. Many of these are well enough preferred by people like the Resurrecting Midnight which is a composer of a thriller set including the exotic and also the vibrant streets of Buenos Aires and the Miami. Many of his novels like the Naughty or Nice has been chosen as an option by the Lions gate Films to demonstrate their popularity in their thematic richness fields of romance and exotic settings. Apart from New York Times, Eric’s books have also won awards and listed in other internally lists as the best sellers including in The Wall Street Journal and the Blackboard Bestsellers List. His concentration with fiction featuring women have won Eric a name and many awards with multiple nominations for award in various categories due to his emphasizes on African American writings concentrating mostly on women fictional writing of romance and vengeance (Eric 2006, p 23).    

The books expose the idea or romance in a very conspicuous way with clear articulation on the different styles of expression and doing the act by itself.  He describes how once she meet with a woman who rest on top of his body with a clear explanation of her position when he says that the girl is wrapped around her by his legs while the head of the girl is resting on his chest. He further describes that the girl’s body is so hot due to numerous orgasms she had to undergo while sleeping in the above described position. The idea of romance is brought out in his books when he describes this specific girl that she is the only one who she has ever met screaming so loud and more often. This clearly demonstrates how many times Eric went out with ladies and specifically choosing the most exotic places for his romantic practices (Eric 2009, p 12).

The choice of his places to practice his activities is so exotic and excluded since the description of the places are very confident that they guarantee his practices which are not only avenge but also romantic in nature. He describes how his leg sticks in the vagina of the girl after the sexual exercise. This clearly brings out the promiscuity nature of the story as described in the books which numerous are focused on the theme of romance and avenger. The romantic styles are clearly emphasized by how he describes his interaction with the girl when he says how he strikes their breasts and uses his fingers to pull their breast’s nipples. These acts cannot be performed in an open place or in public but have to be in exotic places which are highly emphasized in his books. The books strongly emphasizes on the romantic styles used when they are performing their acts when he says that the girls strongly holds his penis with their hands as though they wish they would have it as theirs forever. The experience of how events unfold during the encounter with the girls is so intense and well demonstrated by the author when he stipulates how both behaves beyond words and actions take place between them when time is emphasized and its of essence to both (Eric 2008, p 67).

The exotic place where Eric books describes is so remote and in an unusual circumstances when once he tells the girl that they do not to leave faster, when people will notice their absence, Eric consoles the girl that they will be searched. This demonstrates how his books values and lays strong emphasize on those isolated places to carry on with their romantic affairs. From this explanation, Eric’s books values romantic themes with strong emphasizes on avenger practices and carrying them on isolated places. The romantic practices are brought out in Eric’s books in strong thematic ideas which strongly explain how to carry on with such kind of a lifestyle. Besides emphasizing on pleasure in his writing, Eric brings out very clearly the theme of complexity in relationships. He describes acquisition of pleasure, joy and happiness as long journey which ends up in the world of obsession, passion and intimacy (Eric 2007, p 245).

The romantic desire is mostly brought out in many of his novels which demonstrate the people’s desire and urge for sexual gratification which when exceeds to the extremes results to jealousy and possession. Pain is another theme that Eric found difficult to separate from pleasure; for every moment his characters in the novels were in search of pleasure, pain was an inevitable part and component of the equation. In his writings, Eric discovers that through attainment of pleasure, individuals also acquire self enlightenment which every personality is in quench to attain. Most of Eric’s novels have their settings in exotic places like exclusive hotel rooms and other excluded areas due to the plot and settings of the novels. Most characters in Eric’s novels are presented as fast-paced, sensual with deadly urges to achieve their sexual gratification and pleasure which they believe will eventually lead to self enlightenment. Therefore all of Eric’s writings emphasizes on the thematic expressions of romance and vengeance which is practiced in exotic places due to characters personality and the magnitude of the actions (Eric 2009, p 298).            

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