Great Guy de Maupassant

Guy de Maupassant Biography

Guy de Maupassant was born in August 1850 in a place commonly known as Normandy. While at this town, he experienced every type of freedom and this gave him a chance to interact with all type of people. He always liked to interact with the farmers, fishers and also going to climb hills. He, therefore, came conversant with the life of the local people and this gave him a strong foundation of his career. At his tender age he could create stories and write poetry during leisure time, and he had the feeling that one day he will become one day he will become a writer. He was mostly inspired by his mother, friends, and also Gustave towards his dream as a writer. He was taught by Gustave on the writing skills. When he was of age, he was taken to a seminary in Yvetot, and he never liked the place because of the strict rules and regulations. Later he was transferred to Rouen boarding school in the year 1866.

Guy later joined the law faculty in Norman town, after he completed high school in 1866. In 1870, he assisted the military in the Franco-Prussian war by rendering his services. The war resulted to economic issues that left his parent unable to pay his higher education. Due to this reason, he was decided to join the armed services. The guy did not enjoy while working at the Ministry of sea since he considered he did not have enough freedom that he always had and also because he had passion in writing stories. During this period, he wrote short stories such as the Sundays of a bourgeois, L’Heritage, and Les Soirees which showed that he never enjoyed while working at ministry of the sea. This stories gave Guy a hard time while in the ministry of the sea since the authority saw his story as a threat. Maupassant wrote stories that were only read by Flaubert who saw great talent in him. Flaubert encouraged Guy and opened his door to great literature. In 1880, Guy wrote a short story, Boule de Suif, and this short story was included in Les Soirees de Medan, together with other short stories written by well-known writers such as Zola, Alexis and it this made it to be read by readers and also critics.


This story was the start of his fame. Boule de Suif story tells the event that took place in the Franco-Prussian war. He, therefore, became famous and one of the highly paid authors at those days. Between 1884 and 1885 he wrote some stories which mostly talked about his experience as a child in Normandy. Between 1886-1887, sign of mental illness started to develop in him and he finally got paralyzed and severe hallucinations as a result of syphilis. Guy de Maupassant later died in Paris, 1893.

Guy de Maupassant work

Guy de Maupassant wrote various short stories that made him be a successful story writer. All Over is an example of the book written by Guy de Maupassant. All Over is a story given of Lormerin and Lise who have been apart for twenty-five years without seeing one another. Before they separated, they loved one another although fate and destiny did not favor them and so they had to separate. Their meeting made Lorimer in to change how he used to see the real world. Guy starts with describing an old man who always looks at the mirror, and he is certain that he conserved his attractiveness and he still appears to be handsome. He later gets an unexpected letter from his ex-girlfriend, Lise de Vance, and a lot of memories cames into his mind and he could clearly see them in front of him. He could see how beautiful he was and he always called Ashflower due to the color of her hair. During those days he was handsome, and he had the feeling that he can even move mountains and no girl would resist him. The father to Lise killed the love between them when he took her to a village where Lormerin could not see her again. In this letter, Lise wanted to have a dinner date with Lormerin so that she could introduce her daughter to him. He did not turn down the invitation, and he agreed to go and meet her. He prepared well and chose his cloth that could suit the date, and this reminded him about the old days and her beauty.

When he finally got to the meeting place, he was so happy when he saw his image on the living room. This made his brain work faster, and his heart started to beat at a higher rate than usual. After a long waiting, the door was opened, and an old lady came in. Lormerin was very excited to see her, and he kissed her had severally and he was not able to hide his joy when he saw her. He kept on asking whether she was Lise since to him it was more of a dream. Lise too was happy to see him and how attractive his face looked, and she admired him a lot. At this time Lise comprehended that she was getting old yet Lormerin was still young. While they were still in the room Lormerin, started he was doing in that house together with Lise, yet they had nothing in common but the old memories of their young ages. This made him to feel uncomfortable. What surprised Lormerin more is when he saw the daughter of Lise, Renee, and the memories of Lise became more real in his mind since the daughter exactly resembled her. He could not stop staring at Renee. When he went back home, he looked at the mirror, and he compared himself with Renee and he realized that he was growing old to.

The dinner made led to the rise of two questions concerning human reality. It is good to describe the real side of Lise and to state personality of Lormerin. When Lormerin compared the two women, Lise and Renee, he could not clearly say which one was real. Renee had all the quality Lormerin liked most in a woman. Her eyes, how she turned her had and everything about her was very familiar to him. This made Lormerin to feel more comfortable when she was around though his thoughts told him that time has passed and that he the woman she loved those days had grown old since she had wrinkles on her face and a faded look. In my view, a beautiful woman was young and in love as it was clearly shown by Lormerin’s mind. At this time Lormerin could start to see the real Lise since she had faded away from his minds and heart for the last twenty-five years, they have not seen one another. The reality came to Lormerins in two ways. The first reality displayed his attractiveness and strength while the second reality dragged him down and showed his changes to the worst. This caused a lot of pain to him and also made him suffer. This made Lormerin want to go back to his better days and ease the pain. Lormerin thought of his living strengths, and he made plans out of that, and this made him fulfilled with his life.

Lormerin felt bad and filled with sorrow when he realized his actual age since he saw this as the end of his life. This changes of his individuality together with lived emotions symbolized a the bad and the good sides of the world. Reality will show the nature of human mind. The reality comes to an individual through consciousness. Reality always differs at different time stages. The story All Over shows the different situation of life of Lormerin. At the start of the story, the life of Lormerin is full of determination since he views the world in a positive way. At the end of the story, he seems as if he has lost all hope in life since reality has come into his life that he is getting old as days goes by. He is therefore filled with sorrow and sadness when he realizes this. According to this story and my perception, people should learn to accept the reality of life at different stages of life. As you grow old, you should accept that you are getting old and when you will be old enough you will be able to appreciate the fact that you are getting old. And this will bring happens in your life at all the stages of life since you accept the reality of life.

Guy de Maupassant became successful as he wrote more books. When he published in 1883 the stories Mademoiselle Fifi, Une Vie and also the Deux it became his first work in the writing of novels. Guy has been working for this collection in the last six years making sure that each episode was perfectly presented and published. This novel which was highly commended by Turgenev and Tolstoy which spear headed Maupassant to be among the best preferred writer of the present-day French writers. Une Vie was one of the most praised work which tried to see a woman in a deeper perception.

Madwoman was another story written by Guy. He gives individual problems that can come as a result of war and military work. This two stories tell of a woman who has been a victim of power abuse in the France-Prussian war. This story is given as a story inside a story. The narrator of the story is unknown who tells that the sound of the woodcock reminds him a terrifying injustice that happened in Prussian occupation of Normandy. The storyteller gives a story of a woman who went mad due to the killing of her son, father and husband in two consecutive months, 1855. This made her go to bed, and she went into a state of delirium, which made her furious when anybody tried to take her out that bed.

The story tell feels sorry for this woman, and he still wonders whether the woman still remembers this tragedy or her minds stopped thinking. She has been separated from the world by this grief, and all she now knows is the world not beyond her room. During the period of war German, soldiers were taken to the guard houses and the house where this woman lived had twelves soldiers. For unknown reasons, the German officer who was in charge of the soldiers who were guarding this house always called this madwoman but she could not respond to him. The officer considered it as being rude, and he commanded the other officers to remove her bed outside the house and take it outside the house to the neighboring forest. For sometimes the storyteller did not know where the woman was until the day he went for hunting just to find a human Skelton lifelessly sleeping on the bed. Just to realize that it was the madwoman who died due to exposure to harsh climatic conditions. From the story its clear that a lot of people has died as a result of war.