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I heard a fly buzz when i died by Emily Dickinson

Gender equality is a crisis that is rocking the majority of countries in the world. The government or leadership of some countries is dealing with the issue by implementing bills and laws to foster gender equity. These bills and laws do not clearly stipulate what should be done. Attaining gender equity is a long process that requires patience to achieve the results. Both genders discriminate against each other based on economic or financial empowerment and physical capabilities.

Although unspoken in most cases, men feel that females cannot handle some activities. These include construction as well as mechanical and technological activities. In most societies, women are bound to be in activities or professions that are deemed weaker such as nursing or teaching in kindergartens. This is also true for men who, by social conventions, are expected to be in stronger professions such as engineering and medicine.

Although this is just a situation, there are a number of remedies to the gender equality problem. These remedies include equity in job allocation and remuneration. In studies carried out, there are indications that most employers prefer male employees. This situation could be dealt with by not indicating a person’s gender when applying for a job. This will ensure that applicants who have qualified are taken without considering the applicant gender. A policy to incorporate a ratio of men to women in a workplace could also be implemented. This would also ensure economic equity.

Leveling payment for various jobs groups is also a strategy that could ensure economic equity since both men and women would earn the same if they were working at the same place. Division of elective seats in the civic world ensures political equity. This is because women would be encouraged to view for the elective seats together with men. Policies to ensure child-friendly workplaces and emphasize on education for both men and women are also tools for political and economic equity since women will not leave their employment to look after their children thus offering a leveled ground for competition (Hanna Nakhleh, 2012).

Prison Programs

Prisons are meant to be rehabilitation facilities for the criminals. They are meant to correct the wrongdoers rather than punish. There are various corrective programs undertaken by the inmates for the purpose of correction. There are at least ten rehabilitative programs in most recent jails. This includes women who can keep their children until they turn six, faith-based programs where the inmates go through spiritual programs according to their religion. This program is aimed at advocating change in the inmates’ ways of life. The victim-offender mediation is also a part of the programs that ensures peaceful and harmonious living between the inmate and the society.

The dog-raising program in jail, where the inmate is allocated a puppy to take care of, is closely related to the stated program. It creates a sense of responsibility, and fosters harmony and bonding for the inmates. Educational and contemplative programs are aimed at improving the inmates’ lifestyles. The inmates get to learn new ways of earning a living and get a chance to relieve the stress caused by the crimes they committed. Boot camp for minors is another prison program that is an alternative to juvenile imprisonment. This program is aimed at reducing the jail term tremendously.

Among the abovementioned programs, prison education program is more sustainable and most useful. Although it is the most expensive program, it is useful as it enhances the inmates with knowledge that they would put to use when they are released. The program fosters rehabilitation and reintegration back to the society. On the contrary, the child in prison program is expensive and is more of a punishment to the child. It is expensive since extra facilities such as nursery will be constructed to support the program. This program is also not in line with the rehabilitation goals since it does not foster behavioral change (Frater, 2008).


In the poem, I heard a fly buzz—when I died’by Emily Dickinson, the speaker notes that the fly enters the room as he is slowly dying.

Just like the other Dickinson’s poems, this was also discovered after her death. The use of the fly denotes the gradual arrival of her death. The fly’s motion describes her feelings. “With blue-uncertain stumbling Buzz” and her journey until her eyes close out “between the light –and –me- and the windows failed and then I could not see to see”. From the poem, we gather that the fly is symbolic of death, and as it draws close so does the protagonist’s death.

The poem When I heard the learned astronomer’ describes the person’s reaction to the lecture. The person is unsatisfied with explanations and looks at the stars. As the lecturer tries to explain nature as being systematic, the person gets sick and tired indicating that he prefers nature being mysterious and unsolved. The author of the poem, Walt Whitman, makes the use of diction and imagery throughout the poem. The experience of learning books, lectures, charts and graphs is what Walt describes as wrong with the lecture. He rather prefers learning through experience, which is more profound and meaningful.

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