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The Book of Job

While reading this post, one thing that automatically rings into my mind is how man was made full of limitations. Job and his friends are strained by limitations of understanding. Thus they cannot comprehend why a man who has been so righteous through all his life could possibly be under the yoke of such a heinous disease and at the brink of death. What is particularly serious to contemplate about is the fact that such limitations at times prove crucial in testing the quality of loyal friends you have.  The striking example is the case between Eliphaz, the Temanite, in proposing metaphorically that Job must have done something before the lord (Mitchell 43).

As outlined in the post, the major theme revolves around the struggle for understanding and awareness besides that of spiritual accomplishment. In my everyday life, I have also been battling understanding of certain issues that contemporary science cannot fully explain. For instance, thinking why death has to occur leaves me with a lot of limitations and at that point I realize that somebody omnipotent must be holding the answers to all my questions. Another theme the post has elaborated on clearly is that of spiritual enrichment. It is made clear that the road towards this enrichment is not easy and clear, it is full of tides, problems and downfalls and that even the righteous will have to go through (Mitchell 43).  

In the current days, we have seen news all over the world dominated by serious accidents that could not be explained. Haiti earthquake is a critical example. However, one important lesson that this post relate to that man has to continue trusting in God even in times of tragedy because He holds the key to our limitations. He will give answers where science has failed and He is always a live to our limitations (Mitchell, 43).

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