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The Greek Gods

It is very hard to determine if the stories about the gods were true since they were created a thousand years ago and since then they have been greatly manipulated making it impossible to determine their creditability. This paper discusses how the gods helped Hercules, Perseus and Achilles in some occasions and how the gods could harm or hinder them in other incidences.


Hercules is the famous hero and the most beloved of the ancient times that is was worshipped in many temples in Greece and Rome. During his youth, Hercules was thought by many teachers: he was instructed how to ride the chariot by Amphitrton, he was thought boxing by Autolysis, Castor taught him how to ride horses in the battle, Cherion taught him matters related to politics, mannerism and wisdom, Eumolpus taught him how to play lyre and how to sing while Eurytus taught him on archery (Gill).

Hercules was born to Zeus the most powerful god and Alcmene a goddess who was a wife to Amphitryon. Since Hercules was conceived out of wedlock, her mother never wanted to give birth despite all attempts she ended up giving birth to Hercules. This annoyed her and wanted to kill Hercules by sending him snakes. Due to his strength and courage, he killed the snakes before they could bite him. After Hercules had married, his mother attempted to kill her again this time he sent a fit of madness that angered Hercules until he killed his wife and the children. Once he came to his senses, he begged Apollo to cleanse him from the contamination. Apollo gave him some twelve punishments so that the evil might be cleansed. He was to kill the lion by his bear hands,he killed the Hydra of Lerna but as he was chopping its heads, the Hydra grew to more in its place. His friend Eurystheus assisted him to defeat the Hydra, he huntes and killed the Cerynitian Hind after a year, he cleaned the stables of Augeas, drove out Stymphalian Birds, fetched the Cretan bull, captured the Mares of Diomedes, brought back the Amazon Girdle, stole the cattle of Geryon, retrieve the Golden apples of Hesperides and lastly retrieved Cerberus from underworld (Gill).


The oracle of Delphi had warned king Acrisius that he will be killed by Perseus who was his daughter’s son. Although he wanted to kill Perseus, the King feared the wrath of the gods. He decided to throw the mother and the son into the sea. Because of the prayer of Perseus’s mother, washed ashore in the island of seriphos where they were taken in by the fisherman Dictys who raised Perseus to manhood. When Perseus was sent to bring the head of mortal Gorgon, Athena gave him a shield and advices him to find Hesperide first is in possession of weapons that are capable of killing Gorgon. He found Hesperide who gave him the winged scandals to enable him to fly, kibisis to safely put Medusa’s head, adamantine sword and the Hades’ helm of visibility to hide. At the wedding, Phineus turned to stone at the sight of Gorgon’s head when she quarreled with Andromeda who Perseus was marrying instead of her (Gill)


Achilles was the most handsome and the greatest warrior of all the warriors that were to fight against troy. When Achilles was born, although thesis made him immortal by dipping him into river Styx, she did left his heel where she held him and this became his weak point. When he is overcame in the battle Achilles prays her mother to plead with his father to allow them push the Greek forces which he is granted. When the river god Scamander wanted to kill Achilles for choking the men he killed in his waters, she was stopped by Hera and Hephaestus. Zeus sent the gods to restrain Achilles from going to destroy the troy himself. When Achilles was pursuing Hector, Athena assisted Achilles to catch Hector by appearing to Hector in a form of Hector’s dearest brother and persuaded Hector to stop and fight Achilles face to face. When Hector charged against Achilles, he missed and begged Achilles to kill him but treat his body with respect (Gill).

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