The Handmaid's Tale

The story “the handmaid’s tale” is an imaginary story that has it’s settings in Gilead Republic a country that is within the boundaries of the United States of America. The presenter of the story is a woman by the name Offred who was kept as a concubine for reproductive reasons by the verdicts. (Atwood23) The proceedings of the story happen a moment after Gilead period starts and the episode itself is about a record of a convention that was about Gileadean studies which was written some times back. From the convention two of the main speakers who were professors by the names Pieixoto and Knotly Wade, found out that Offred’s accounts onto the story “thirty” evidently unidentified the cassette tapes and hence they positioned these tapes in an organized way before they transcribed them and named them “the handmaid’s tale”. At long last Offred’s story is found to be disorganized and severe hence making it to end unexpectedly when she notices that she is leaving to be taken to a place that was unidentified(Snodgrass 16) .

Offred tells the story from her point of observation and the main physical explanation she presents is when she gives herself out (Atwood 42).  She is clever, kind and understanding having a good number of mistakes that make her images of the miserable horrors of Gilead manageable and even pleasurable. Just like most other women, Offred is sited in an astonishing state of affairs. Even though she is dead set against Gilead silently, Offred is not a star. Once her effort to run away failed, she surrenders superficially. Sometimes she became uncomfortable with her own mother’s protest with respect to her pre-Gilead relationship with Luke who was also her mistress since she had stared going out with him to low-priced hotels for masculinity and hence ended up having a daughter(Snodgrass 33)

We learn from experience but for the main character that is not the case because as if what she had been experiencing was not the enough, she again later starts another relationship with Nick but this time she feels misplaced and starts to think that her life with Gilead was going to be manageable. However in case she had runaway it was going to be because of Nick and nothing else(Atwood 57). Offred’s anger makes her to have an unreceptive character and charitable but contented. Just like anyone else she ignored the freedoms she had won before and at the end she makes her self to forfeit the consequences hence making her feel the way she does. Later s she after getting separated from her husband she becomes the one of the first Gilead women in her generation having confirmed to be fertile(Snodgrass 63)

Offred notices how the commanders are disappointed with his marriage and his position in the public though he is not ready to accept the risks. Instead they engage themselves with prohibited activities such as scrabble and some furtive clubs that give out as brothel for the high class officers. Some of the people who started the Gilead Republic are believed to be of bible origin especially from Genesis were people like Leah and Rachel. Jacob’s first wife was also taken to be fertile and God blessed them however for the second wife who was Rachel. From the story, the main character finally recounts her experiences in the Gilead Republic. The women in this republic were reduced in their status. Offred finally pieces together for readers and the horrors of the rest of the regime and her survival struggle.

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