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The Most Dangerous Game

The purpose of this course work is to highlight the views got from the story “the most dangerous game”. The story is about two famous hunters who include Rains ford whose character in the story was portrayed as a good hunter and merciful. The second hunter was known as the General Zaroff portrayed in the story as a good hunter but merciless. The story is presented in form of irony because at the begging the reader can’t tell how dangerous the game was. In fact one would think of a game that was played but it was hunting and the animal hunted was human being. Other opinion is that Rainsford did not have weapons which he could use to protect him from being killed by Zaroff. According to this story it’s true that Rainsford was presented in an environment which was stranger to him. This is to mean that he has a little usage of the environment (Connell 15).

According to this story Rainsford is said to have fallen in the sea without knowing but my opinion is that he just jumped into the sea because of fear from the surrounding. The story present some sense of human because it is about Zaroff the eccentric Russian gentleman who was said to be a hunt of humans purposely for sport on his private island. Another opinion is that the story is ironical in that when the two hunters falls off a yacht and swum to separated islands one of the hunters was hunted by Zaroff the Russian gentleman. According to this story animals have emotions of fear when drawn near death but Rainsford did not show fear when confronted by Zaroff because he thought the statement made by his opponent was false (Connell 28). The story “the most dangerous game” is influential to teens since it is about morals of violence and teens are said to be victims of this. In conclusion the title of this story is scaring and might hinder young people from reading since they are said to be more nervous to strange environments.

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