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The Necklace

The story is about a young woman known as Madame Loisel, who was born and brought up in humble surroundings. As such she could not achieve the much she thought she deserved in life. She got married of to a clerk. All through her life she would suffer whenever she compared herself to her well of friends. She wished she had a life similar to theirs. One evening her husband arrives home and informs her that they have been invited to a very important party by the minister of education. Madame Loisel is not pleased to hear this because she has nothing to wear to the party. Her husband then offers to give her money to buy a new dress. When the day of the party approaches she presents another problem, she lacks a jewel to wear with the dress. Her husband advises her to go and borrow one from her friend Madame Forester. Her friend lends her a superb diamond necklace.

All goes well at the party and every one admires her greatly. When the party is over her husband hires a cheap carriage to take them home. Upon arrival she discovers that she has lost the necklace. Her husband tries to look for it but it is all in vain. Not wanting her friend to know that the necklace got lost, her husband borrows money from friends and uses all his savings to purchase a new necklace to replace the lost one.  As a result of this they have to lower their living standards to pay their debts. It takes them ten years to clear all their debts. After this she meets with her old friend Madame Forester and from her she learns that the necklace that made them struggle for so long was just a cheap imitation of diamond.

The author shows the great expectations that we have in life that we do not get to achieve. This may be due to the type of poor backgrounds we come from. As a result we tend to admire the things those with think are well off in the society have.  We wish that we could get what they have even for just a small period of time in order for us to show off to our other friends. We treasure the events that the rich in the society organize to the extent of making sacrifices to attend them.

We also get to see the important of honesty. Sometimes we may try to hide the truth from others and we would even go to extreme extent and end up hurting or ruining our lives. Yet had we told the simple truth we would have been saved the trouble. The need of accepting what we are and living our lives according to our means are clearly shown in the story especially in the main character Madame Loise.

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