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The Odyssey

The story of odyssey is a Greek myth that talks about the nature of gods and goddesses. It also describes the feelings of these gods. Odyssey is the main character in this story that brings out many aspects of study.  Before I discuss these aspects, let me bring out the plot overview of odyssey’s story.

Odyssey was a hero in Ithaca because of his cleverness. He had a divine protection from Athena the goddess of wisdom. He always got solutions for many problems in their land. After odyssey had married, he joined the Greek army.  After joining the army, they went out for a Trojan war. They went to hide with other fifty Greek men in the Trojan house. When they were out, they battled and looted the town then fled away.

During their journey, the storm forced them to a different place. Odyssey helped his men back to sail. They come to the next land where the giant locked them in a cave. Odyssey helped his men out of that place and they continued with their journey. After this place, they landed to an Ireland where the gods of the wind received them well, gave odyssey a sack and demanded that he does not open until the journey ends.

When they were on their journey odyssey felt asleep and his men bypassed the command of the gods. This made the gods angry and brought another storm, which led them to a place where they found cannibal people who threw stone to their ship until it sunk. All of them drowned except odyssey. Afterwards his men turned to swine. When they transformed back to men they continued with their journey.

At the next place they went, they ere prohibited from eating animals but they did not take the advice and they did the opposite. Thy angered the gods and they never lived except odyssey that persuaded the gods to show him the way from the circle Island to his home. The gods granted him that chance and he went home. His people received him there and they had a celebration as his welcome.

After the having an overview of odyssey’s story, I believe we have had an understanding and we can now discuss the required aspects in odyssey’s story. Homer is very creative and he is bringing out some of the special aspects clearly. Some of the ways that homer uses to bring out these aspects are as follows; the making of the monsters fearsome. This aspect is clearly seen from the scaring parts of the story, an example of this is when odyssey and his people are warned against opening the sack, when they opened the gods were unhappy and causes a great storm that caused them to land to a dangerous place (Odysseys, par 5)

In the next scene, Homer brings out a scaring aspect where the giant locks up the men in the cave and eats some of them. This, giant is one of the monster that is fearsome and destroys the life of some men. After words odyssey struggles and helps the men out of the cave. This scene looks horrible and portrays how fearsome the monsters are.

Another scene that shows this aspect of monsters being fearsome, is when they odyssey and his people are told not to eat the animals and they decide to disobey. This scene his also horrible, it scares a lot to see men transformed to animals. At this place, we can see that the monsters are fearsome. This threatens a lot an as result bring out this aspect clearly.

The other aspect is how homer made the goddesses stunning. Homer shows this in the main character odyssey.  It is observe at the point where odyssey the goddess receive odyssey and his men then gives them allows them to have a rest before their next journey period. After the day of invitation, they had to continue with their journey. We see from the story that as they were set for their journey, the goddess was happy. The gods then gave them a sack telling them not to open until they complete their journey. The joy of the gods shows the stunning aspect.

We also observe this aspect when odyssey’s people transformed into swine. Odyssey talks to gods persuading them to transform his people back to man. The gods here looks stunning because they accept odysseys request and does according to his request. This describes the way gods at this time become good.

In the study, we see that at the end odyssey cried because he does not know where he was. He persuades a goddess and he is told where he was then given the direction to take in order for him to get home (The Odyssey Study Guide, Par 7) Actually, he goes home happily showing the happiness of the gods. This explains the stunning aspect of the gods.

In the study, different scenes explain the dangers and frightening aspects. The first frightening aspect and danger as well is the storm in the sea, the storms are so frightening. The same storms endangered people’s life. If this storm becomes stronger, all of them would perish in the seawater.

We have also observed in the study that at a point gods turned people into animals and animal into people. Even though it was a way of punishing the wrong doors, this looked so frightening. From the real human understanding, such an event is associated with demonic forces. This makes it more threatening and makes one even not to imagine such a scene in this story.

In the story of Odyssey, we get an aspect such as transcended nature. In this aspect, we see that odyssey had an ability to persuade Gods to help him. He then had favor before the gods and they helped him a lot. Almost throughout the study, he acquired most of help from these gods. We also observe that at the first place his bravery come from the goddess.      

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