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Women's Identity

Women’s identity is an issue discussed at length in both “The Storm” and the “Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin. Both stories point out that a woman’s place revolves around her husband and that women were supposed to live under their men’s rules. This point reveals women’s oppression in both “The storm” and “The Story of an Hour”. This essay highlights a comparison between these two writings.

Firstly, both stories depict women’s oppression as one of the feminine identity. In the “Story of an Hour”, we notice that Louise feels liberated after she finds out about Mr. Mallard’s death. She was tied down to him and that is why the death of her husband ushered a sense of freedom to her. On the other hand, “The Storm” reveals how Calixta enjoys freedom, which emanated from her husband’s affair. This is an indication that if he were not in an affair, Calixta would not be free as she felt.

Secondly, both stories depict the role of women in society. In the “Story of an Hour”, men are revealed as possessing the prestigious positions in society, which depicts when Louise seeks medication. We notice that men flood the Medical profession. In “The Storm”, Calixta’s role depicted as a mother and a wife, as she goes back to that role when Bobinot and Bibi arrive home.

Lastly, women’s identity in these stories depicted as instrument of sexual gratification. From “The Story of an Hour”, we notice that Brently was not sexually attracted to Louise an indication that he only kept her around for when he needed her. On the other hand, in the story “The Storm”, we notice how Bobinot tries to evade the stormy passions of her wife, which forces Calixta to step out of the restrictions he places on their intimate life in order to experience the freedom of expression.

In conclusion, Kate Chopin goes to the extent to explicate women’s identity in her two stories “The Storm” and “The Story of an Hour”. Several similarities abound in both stories, and they include women’s oppression, sexual instruments image, and the home as the place of a woman in society. The two stories advocated for women’s rights through the depiction of the problem that women suffered in the society at that time.

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