Computer Repair

Computers are exceedingly essential in day to day living. Business persons willing to start a new venture should consider starting a computer repair company. However, for this business to succeed, the business owner will require a properly laid and clearly defined business plan (McKeever, 2008). This paper will focus on such business plan.

The design and development of the plan is extremely beneficial. For this business, the primary source of profit will be the computer repair services, computer repair fees and accessory sales to be exact. Other additions such as installation of computer systems and maintenance, networking and web design could be an extra source of profits. The business targets home users and small business owners as their primary customers; this is because most large businesses and companies have it departments to cater for their computer needs (McKeever, 2008). Creating and maintaining a good customer relation is pivotal to the business success. The business will offer maintenance contracts to business clients in order to avoid unexpected computer crashes which will interfere with the client’s business running. These contracts will generate a high gross margin for the company as well as the peace of mind for the client.

The business location will be in a busy town with many computer users who are potential clients. Preferably in a town where most customers are not satisfied with the existing options, the company will seek to meet these unsatisfied needs (McKeever, 2008). This can be achieved by focusing on the weaknesses of existing similar business and working on it. A sufficient start up financial base is essential for the purchase of starting assets requirements, repair equipment and materials among other vital requirements. The business owner can consider a short term loan (payable within a span of up to 3 year) if his cash reserves are insufficient. All the legal requirements such as operating licenses and the rest should be met to avoid legal inconveniences.

To ensure efficiency in service delivery, the business will employ only highly qualified personnel at all levels from the management; from the manager, technicians, customer service and the field agents (Abrams, 2003). Experience in the respective fields will be paramount. For instance, the manager should have a combined ten or more years’ experience in the fields of networking, technical support as well as computer training and repair. Proper pay and incentives should be provided to all employees, to ensure their satisfaction and dedication towards their work. Health benefits paid holidays, and sick times are some of the benefits to be ensured of a ‘happy work’ force.

This business venture will create a brand identity and brand recognition by proper management and marketing. Advertisements will be a fundamental aspect in reaching out to all potential customers. Providing quality goods and services will be the main aim this will ensure customers satisfaction and an ever increasing client base, which is essential for the businesses growth and expansion (Abrams, 2003). A secondary market research indicates that computer service customers tend to be loyal to their service providers that satisfy their needs. The business plan cannot be complete without a financial plan. The annual estimates of financial status in the form of detailed profit and loss projections are also critical. Break even analysis and projected cash flow and a balance sheet, are essential in evaluating the profitability of the business.

One of the major weaknesses in the computer repair industry is delayed services. It will be thus highly beneficial for the business to provide services without delay on order to build a reputation. To curb competition, the business will have a flat rate policy for all customers; establish a quick response team to address urgent repairs. Pick-up and drop-off services to minimize the time and efforts of the client in dealing with his computers problem should be put to consideration as the business seeks to expand. With the steady increase in the number of computer users, this is an ideal business venture.