Samsung’s French Refrigerator

Advertising is a practice of popularizing a product to its prospective customers in the market. Any new product that is introduced into the market ought to be brought to the awareness of the general market which is also the potential customer base. This sensitization is best done via an appropriate mode of advertising. Advertising goes a long way into promoting the product and creating its market niche as it gets defined accordingly. There is no miracle that can take place to bring a product, of whatever nature, from market introduction into a market leader. The only sure mechanism is an adept style of publicity. This is the one basic marketing tool that not many business people have gotten to understand so as to take advantage of. Most enterprises have lost on this basis for not having known the power that underlies a perfect advertisement style for its products. Unlike these many firms, Samsung turned over the tables by staging a worthwhile publicity for one of its strategic products; the French refrigerator.

As instrumental as it is, advertising is a very weighty tool that having been well implemented and applied optimized Samsung’s returns from the product. The most desirable features of the refrigerator couldn’t be left out by any means. They made it even more outstanding. It had a full warranty assurance from the manufacturer. In the advert, there was an emphasis on its packaging that was wholly sealed in a box. All these were conveniently adequate in luring a potential buyer. The ad did not leave behind the accessibility in case distance attempted to be a hindrance. There was a 14-21 day allowance for shipping. This is even made more enticing by the fact that the shipping is out-rightly free for those that need it delivered in their backyards.  All those best sold the company’s brand in the endeavor for realizing a lifelong changeover.  

A good advert should be in a position to illustrate the traits of attractiveness, suitability and convenience in the endeavor to see a positive attitude by the customer base. Customers are always influenced into making purchases, impulse or budgetary, all which result in the firm’s progress (Day 123). This is because as it is said by many and even as it is manifested in the Traditional Home magazine; the “customer is the king to the firm”. Therefore they actually define the strides that are to be made by the enterprise in terms of profitability and market size commanded by the firm as an entirety. The moves of the customer shall demarcate the path followed by the corporation. Whoever markets a product without considering the potential response of the customers, whether current or potential is headed for a snag and definitely success will be a mirage.

With the conveniently small size of the refrigerator, the notion is that the refrigerator’s portability won’t be an issue at all. With regard to all the other brands of refrigerators, this one has some very moving features including the easy to use manual that accompanies the product itself. This manual elucidates all the pros and cons that do come with the purchase of this refrigerator model.

In addition to all these, the design of the refrigerator is attractive enough. It is set such that it can draw anybody from whatever perspective. The Samsung advertising is usually focused on displaying its superior technological based products. In this quest, the firm reveals what it has at its best and what ensues from what is at bay in its business progress and pursuit. This brand of the refrigerator is only a part of the whole advanced collection of hi-tech products. The advert doesn’t leave this notion out.

The pricing strategy is also concisely brought out. It is indeed friendly to the common individual given the benefits that accompany the product (Day 142). The quoted price indicates the concern for the customer’s welfare by the hour with due unfolding of the base of the resource availability. Everything in this particular advert does positively depict the company. Samsung is an international force to reckon with in the world of electronics as well as a wide variety of products including aviation supplies and ship parts. It indeed has a spectacular customer base and well knows how best to maintain it.  Just as it has been able to coordinate all the products that it produces to ensure a forward aimed force, it has also reciprocated all these in the way it displays the technology and skill it has invested in the refrigerator at hand. The French design has a worthwhile creativity on offer. It was skillfully done in addition to having all the connotations of art being upheld. The creativity is not only appealing to the eye but also attractive to look at. It is concocted such that whoever lays his or her eyes upon it will definitely be moved into making the long awaited decision and declaration into accepting to be a partaker in this highly harnessed advertisement.

Conclusively, this advertisement is a display of the entire expertise base that has developed over the time that the firm has been in business. It is so skillfully done that nobody can speak otherwise. It indeed paints the actual picture that is expected of such a globally reputed organization. What is fostered is nothing short of technology at its highest prevalence. The advert indeed met its target of increasing the market base in the pursuit of profitability.