Cause and Effect of Online Education

Online education involves an electronic mode of learning and teaching. Specialized media have been used to implement the education system in the society. Commonly, online education occurs outside the classroom and inside it through innovative technologies. It enables students to acquire educational experiences through technology. In the modern world, online education has become very popular with people in the scholarly world. Many people have abandoned the traditional approach to education of wholly relying on classrooms. E-learning is a computerized and network-enabled form of instilling skills and knowledge in learners. Information is delivered to learners via the Internet, satellite TV, and Intranet/Extranet. Online education can be delivered in the form of text, animation, audio, streaming video and images.  

Group A

Today, people uphold the benefits of online education more than its negative aspects. It is evident that the modern world has strongly embraced new technologies. Online education has highly promoted educational responsibility among students. Learners in institutions are obliged to attend virtual classes and acquire academic information. Moreover, students have good opportunities to complete assignments and provide the documentation of work. Through online education, learners complete assessments without the direct supervision of the teacher.  These assessments are simply attained and recorded through online software. An instantaneous end-user response and completion status are provided, and learners can print completion reports in the mode of certificates. Those learners, who take online education, acquire technological skills through using different media. They find their way of acquiring knowledge by using various electronic media. It is favorable to become technologically advanced, because the globe is highly holding to technology. People also acquire academic information handheld devices. It is possible to acquire certain training via these devices or computers by reading manuals and books. Online education has enabled people to learn how to use these devices in order to have self-paced learning activities. Online education has enabled numerous students to acquire higher education through distant learning courses. Many people have got the chance to further their studies and pursue their careers. In the USA, many learners are pursuing higher education through online learning. Higher learning institutions have trained their staff to use computers and the internet in order to attend to online education students.

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Group B

Online education has created suitable time, at which learners can acquire information effortlessly. They choose time to join virtual classrooms for studies. Learners choose to attend these learning sessions, when their learning potential is sufficient. During this period, they can acquire adequate information that is effective for their course work. Learners divert full attention to learning materials instead of a pre-scheduled occasion. Still, online education also has a negative effect on learners. Online learners lack teacher-student interaction in face-to-face setting. They lack an expert that will take them through a challenging academic issue. The teacher facilitates learners to study, and in this case, his or her role is absent. E-learning provides an opportunity of learning to students, who fail to attend school for certain reasons, such as illnesses. Other students fail to attend school because of school bullying and violence cases. These students still acquire education through online learning.

Group C

Online education in cyber charter schools is not limited by location, capital, and class sizes, unlike the one in brick and mortar charter schools. Online education provides supplemental programs that boost curriculum choices creating a successful online environment. Clearly, online education has programs that cater for different needs of learners. In the corporate world, online education enables firms to enlighten their consumers and employees. Firms that have enormous distribution chains use e-learning to educate their staff on the current product development instead of organizing physical training. E-learning has enhanced the mode of communication among participants through the use of electronic mails. People exchange academic information and ideas through the Internet. Still, people with health problems or responsibilities send and receive their work through the Internet.

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Online education provides information improving people’s lifestyle and intellectual capability. Through online education, people have a highly appreciated innovative technology. People have acquired skills and knowledge of handling technological tools, such as computers, and other handheld devices. Still, online education provides an opportunity of learning to people that do not have access to physical learning institutions due to various reasons. It has made education friendly and flexible, because learners have the liberty to study at suitable time. Online education has opened channels of effective communication. People send academic information to other participants, who do not attend lectures.