International Students

International students face a lot of challenges while undertaking their studies. They face psychological problems, and also physical and spiritual problems. Mostly, the students have self concealment; they conceal a lot of information about themselves like diseases, back ground among others. Self concealment occurs when the student have limited self disclosure and comes as a result of anxiety and depression. There three argument which explains self concealment and the aspect of wellbeing. Firstly, it may need persistence effort and triggers psychological and physiological symptoms. Secondly, interest in some concern can lead to anxieties called ironic rebound. Finally, in regard of self perception theory individual may think they have acted inappropriately or shameful, and this makes them compromise their perception of themselves. These three facts underpin the effects of self concealment on wellbeing.

Need for satisfaction

Derlega and Petronio (1993) stated that self determination theory can give the effects of self concealment and the consequences. They stated that, concealment can give out the psychological need for relatedness, autonomy and competence. Students in universities and colleges feel that, they can not share their feelings and ideas with others, and this makes them conceal their behaviour. The lack of trust among international students and their friend in the some colleges and lectures makes them conceal the information about themselves.

Studies show that self concealment is related to satisfaction. Many researches showed that student conceal their information in order to get something in return and get what they want. Many people would like to associate with people of a certain character, and when the students conceal their identity this makes the people who favor other due to certain character to interact with them. The student’s wellbeing in campus gets determent by the information provided about their character and by concealment the students get liked by all people even by those who did not want to associate with them in one way or the other (Kelly, 2002).

The studies undertaken showed that, self concealment may come as a result of need for satisfaction or wellbeing of individual. Some researchers criticize this by mentioning that some conceal for satisfaction, and other does not conceal, and they do that for satisfaction. Satisfaction gets gained in all aspect with self concealment or without. Self concealment depends on the self aspect or the way the individual perceives himself and how to present him or herself before others. Many students’ feels dishonored if from a poor backgrounds, and they lack enough money to go out with their friend and due to this reason they decide to conceal and not to tell any body about their background (Dalto, 1998).

Determinant of self concealment

Many people do not like to disclose their identity to all people who they meet because they think they will get hostile response. They keep silent with their problems and what they feel about others. Many people when they disclose their identity they get discouraged and they get afraid of repeating the some thing, and as a result, self concealment becomes a trait.  All students likes to associate with one other in a friendly way, and this makes each student hind what can make him or her to get disliked by the colleagues. The need for respect makes people conceal their experience because they want all individuals to think that they work perfectly, and they do not have set backs in their lives (Derlega and Petronio, 1993).

Studies which involved a set of student participations showed that about each forty of fifty students participated had some facts in their life which they did not share with their colleagues. The studies indicated that the students did not disclose the experience which they thought would make others dislike them and fail to assist them when in need. Relations made by students get terminated in case of disclosure of some facts among individuals. Relational mobility shows that the disclosure of facts makes individuals associate and get into proper terms than concealing of identity. This happens because if a person get into relation with individuals with secrets, once the secrets gets reveled the relationship gets terminated (Collins and Miller, 1994).

Consequences of self concealment

The factor, which contributes to of self concealment sometimes makes the students to suffer things which they would not have suffered. In many relations like love relation, the partners should get in mutual understanding and speak freely. Many relationships get terminated due to secrete kept between the partners. Individuals and students should consider same factors and speak openly to their friends and colleagues in order to get understood. Self concealment among student makes them face a lot of challenges they would avoid with disclosure. Studies show that the expression of emotions enhances relationship (Dalto, 1998).

Self concealment can also affect the wellbeing of anther person. When individuals share the problems they face with each other they make the other party learn that their problems and when faced by such problems they get even with them immediately. When people fail to disclose their negative experiences and encounters they make their friends grow thinking that life has no difficulties, and they fail to handle those challenges when they come on their way, and this may even result to the commission of suicide (Kelly, 2002).


Self concealment has both drawbacks and advantages. The person around an individual determines the wellbeing of that person. All people should first consider the environment or people around them before they disclose or hind their feelings and encounters.