Reflections on Videos

In most cases, students with disabilities have been denied equal opportunity in education sector due to their inability to cope with the laid down education and learning programs. In turn, they have not been able to effectively participate in learning process, thereby making educational choices which do not conform to their ability and strength. However, institutions such as Florida School for the Death and Blind have adopted the use of assistive technology (AT) in enabling the sensory disable students in accessing and participating in learning process. This paper, thus, reflects on devices portrayed in videos by Florida School for the Deaf and Blind and how they would impact my life if I were sensory disabled.

According to Knowles (2010), sensory disability refers to visually and hearing impairments due to lack of sensational and neuronal coordination. Therefore, having sensory disability would impair an individual’s ability to gather and share information. This paper, thus, reflects on the devices portrayed in videos by Florida School for the Deaf and Blind, and how they would impact my life as a sensory disabled person.

A watch at Braille Note taker video by Florida School for the Deaf and Blind depicts the use of such devices as personal digital assistant (PDA) system. This device has a handheld Braille keyboard that would ease my educational life by enabling me to complete various educational tasks. More specifically, it has speech synthesizer which would assist me, as a visually and blind impaired person, in accessing and understanding the various learning information being displayed. On the other hand, Braille Note taker would act as Braille translation tool, thereby improving the relevant communication strategies that would benefit me as a blind student.

On the other hand, a brief overview of how laptops, screen reader, Braille displays, and screen enlargement are being used by the sensory disabled students at the Florida Institution shows how these devices would help lessen my problems. For instance, the possibility of preloading the laptops with specific programs and software would enable me effectively utilize computers. In addition, the refreshable Braille displays, screen readers, and screen enlargement assistive technology would enable me to access high-quality audio books and internet services. This would help in advancing educational and learning standards through an integrated learning process.

Moreover, a brief watch on how students from the institution use tactile image enhancer depicts the device as a Braille literacy tool. As evidenced in the video, the tactile image enhancer would enable me to collect the images of books, programs, and worksheets on the computer in order to learn Braille. Consequently, tactile image enhancer would impact my life positively by projecting me into basic Braille learning process.


On reflecting the videos by Florida School for the Death and Blind, there is a need to provide assistive technology (AT) for sensory disable students.  If well utilized, the AT technology will ensure that blind and visually impaired students effectively participate in the learning process, thus, improving the quality standards of education.