Community Health Centers

It is logical for one to identify the possible location to build a new Community Health Center facility if an opportunity to apply for funding arises. This includes the acres of land the project will occupy and the entire cost of the project. However, the project should consider the demands of the people. Furthermore, it should estimate the number of people that will have access to the facility after its set up and affordability of the services (Lefkowitz, 2007). The projected patient’s capacity should be well analyzed to obtain the expected capacity increases of the new facility.

 In addition, one should consider the various healthcare services. The new facility will provide such services as dental services, behavioral services or family medicine. The cost should comprise all the budgeted health care resources and the administration’s cost in the site of construction. The project should also identify the non-profit organizations or government agencies that can fund your project in order to put your proposal with them. However, the plan should comprise all the expected costs and outcome from the new health care facility.

In the modern US medicine, the community health centers have to play a role in providing health care services to a large population in the country. This is by ensuring that the health needs of the patients who are uninsured, publicly insured, minority and have a lower income but have complex health care needs receive proper health care. Almost 70 per cent of the patients in the United States are low-income earners (Torrisi, 2005). Furthermore, patients may be the members of the racial and ethnic minority groups. This people may not have the enough money to cover their medical bills. Thus, the community health centers ensure that all patients have access to quality health care services in spite of their economic situations. The community health care centers play a crucial role in ensuring a healthy country.