Concepts of Personal Leadership Philosophy

The development of leadership is a course designed to inform about different aspects of leadership. In fact, this course helps to realize the importance of leadership skills for personal success and ability to reach the goals. The knowledge gained during the course is necessary for encountering various challenges. Therefore, acquiring new skills is one of the major tasks for a person who is determined to reach the highest level of productiveness and success in the desired spheres. To learn how to manage life effectively, a person should examine leadership concepts in order to be able to separate the possibilities of developing a perfect attitude. Personally, I chose several concepts which might contribute to my personal and professional development. Thus, I have started to implement the ideas of conceptualization, decision-making, servant leadership, ethical behavior, trust and team-building, empowerment of others, conflict resolution, management of change, goal-setting, and time management.

Conceptualization is the ability to create a plan of actions in order to achieve a certain goal. Moreover, this process allows to articulate the vision, so that other people may understand and pursue it. Conceptualization helped me to define my vision. Thus, I decided to become environmentally friendly person. I believe that improvement of ecological situation does not only relate to global changes or governmental investments in the solution of this problem, but it also depends on small everyday actions of an average person. To make a change, I have prepared a plan according to which my personal choice should become an example for other people. I would like to prove that every human being can influence the global world issues.


Decision-making is an ability to react appropriately under the pressure of any circumstances. Life is often unpredictable and creates many stressful situations, which require from a person to take momentous decision. In fact, any choice will influence the further course of events. As a student, my primary goal is to obtain a good education. However, I also realize the importance of personal life. Actually, friends and entertainment might sometimes seem to be more attractive than reading the books. Therefore, decision-making process gives me a chance to demonstrate my ability to settle my priorities and to decide what is currently more important for me. Hence, when I prefer to prepare for my class or exam rather than to go to the party, it means that I have spent time determining top priority for the future.

Servant leadership is the ability to use leadership skills for the prosperity of people who surround a person. In my case, this skill reflects in my relationships with the members of my family. I appreciate and respect my parents and siblings, and do everything I can to make them feel comfortable at home. It is never a problem for me to sacrifice my time and efforts so that every member of the family feels support and love. Consequently, servant leadership guides me in the family environment.

Ethical behavior is a model of behavior when a person follows his or her personal moral values and do not betray them. Within the framework of leadership, it also means to use leadership skills without moral or psychological pressure on the surrounding people. For instance, my friends appreciate my opinion and often ask for advice. I try to develop ethical behavior in such situations by mentioning what really can help my friends. However, I do not impose any decisions because they should solve the problem with the outcome they want to have, not me.

Trust and team building are very important aspects of leadership development. Trust has two dimensions. The first one is my personal ability to be confident about other people and rely on them. The second dimension provokes opposite feelings. I usually improve this skill during my communication with new people. I try to trust them expecting the best outcome from our cooperation. This approach helps me to be more positive and open with other people. Trust is a prerequisite for the team building. In fact, team is the reflection of relationships between people interested in setting and reaching common goals. Successful teamwork is based on the understanding and support between the members. In my life, I improve team building when I have project tasks. These tasks help me and other students to become the part of one team determined to succeed in the task together. While cooperation with others, a person should be able to communicate, listen, and hear others in order to find the best compromises.

Empowerment of others is one of the fundamental skills which a true leader should be able to use effectively in order to motivate his or her followers. It means to support the members of team when they fail or face challenges. A leader should ensure that they will achieve success and inspire them to work hard for reaching common goal and idea. In my opinion, to master this skill, it is vitally important to believe sincerely in the power of another person. To tell the truth, I have designed my personal strategy in order to improve my ability to encourage others. Once I had a part-time job in summer. My friend decided to apply for this job as well. However, she began to hesitate if she was qualified to pass the entrance test. She did not want to continue her attempts. I called her and asked to repeat after me: “I can.” I reassured her that that test was very easy for her. As a result, she came and passed it successfully. After, she was very thankful that I boosted her faith in herself. Additionally, a leader can empower others by using appropriate individual approach. However, it is essential to fully understand the personalities of others before offering them the possible opportunities to fulfill their objectives.

Conflict resolution is the ability to solve conflict situations and to save good relations with people. When I have disagreements, I always listen attentively to the opinion of my opponent. Then, I express my opinion. Finally, I try to find the solution, which would satisfy all the parties of the conflict situation. When my parents have quarrels, I usually act as the third objective party and help them to find the right solution.

Management of change is the ability to initiate changes and direct the actions according to the needs of new circumstances. It also means to be open to transformations. Thus, I value when my family shares their opinion and gives new ideas to solve certain issues. Their advice about my actions and behavior helps me to improve myself. Therefore, comments of my relatives stimulate me to identify how I should behave in order to become a wise manager.

Goal setting is the ability to understand the main objectives. Being inspired to become well-educated, I have developed a long-term goal to improve my knowledge in different spheres. To achieve this, I created a list of books which I should read. Moreover, I set the deadline for completing the tasks. Undoubtedly, this skill will be especially important for formulating the direction of people in their work.

Time management is the ability to find the right balance between the tasks, which should be done, and the period, which is necessary for achieving them. Time management also means the ability to outline the tasks according to their importance and priority. As a person with active life position, I have many interests and hobbies. Therefore, time management helps me to succeed in meeting my agenda. I plan my day in advance and choose the activities which have top priority for the following day. If I have time after finishing “must do” list, I can add other possible variants with less high priority.

Implementation of the mentioned concepts tightly depends on my values which also include three branches: faith, wealth, and wisdom. Faith is the belief in me, in higher power, and in goodness of life. It is important for me to rely on others because this feeling is a source of inspiration and constant support. It gives me strength to continue fighting. Wealth consists of material values and possessions which give an opportunity to feel comfort and joy from life. In fact, wealth is not the core value, but it is the factor which stimulates significantly the development of leadership. Wisdom is mature understanding of life. It gives the ability to form an attitude to different life situations.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the development of leadership has changed my understanding of leadership. I used to think that it is a skill which some have and some do not. Currently, I understand that everyone can improve this skill and become successful in life. Obviously, many approaches are available for their development. The knowledge I have gained during the course enables me to develop and improve my leadership skills through the use of leadership concepts. I should admit that it is a long process before one can find a balance while implementing them in life. It requires hard work. However, I feel inspired to reach the best results and to become a good leader.