Question 1

There is a number of campaign eras, with the most recent being the online campaign. The first era was campaign 1.0.  It was characterized by personal communication between politicians and citizens in their daily interactions. There was no use of electronic devices. The second era was campaign 2.o. during which   broadcast communication was spread. Politicians addressed the votes through television, radio and printed media.  However, there was no direct communication between the two parties. In the campaign 3.0 era, there is wide usage of online communication. This embraces the use of electronic devices and Internet to connect the politicians and the citizens personally.

Question 2

As the author suggests, campaign 3.0 is the return of   virtues represented by  campaign 1.0. The era of campaign 3.0 has forced candidates to have an increased level of accountability and disclosure with the candidates that were witnessed in campaign 1.0. There is a provision, for the ordinary citizen to participate in ways in which   previously they would not. They can hold conversations and give their opinions to the candidates. These are enhancements that were previously only concepts with a larger pool of citizens participating. Numerous people can subscribe and get the speeches that the candidates have given in preparation for their candidacy.

Question 3

According to Graff, candidates are not in control of their campaigns. By signing up to the world of social media and the internet, the power of their campaign and the means to vote are entirely in the hands of the voters and   internet users such as political bloggers. Increased use of the social media relinquishes the power of the politicians and bequeaths most of it to the voters.

Question 4

A Conversation, according to Graff, refers to the new era. This means an interaction between the bloggers and their networks. It is the manner that bloggers and politicians are interacting with. It includes their following over the internet and answering the questions that can be directed towards them. This era is characterized by constant and easy communication that was not available in the previous eras of campaign 1.0 and 2.0