Will President Obama Win Elections In 2012?

My Point of View

The season of elections is here, and the competition battles are about to start. The Republicans have settled on Mitt Romney to represent the party against the Democrat’s choice and the incumbent president, Barrack Hussein Obama. For a neutral, there is not much to choose from when it comes to the two. While President Obama has not had a spectacular first term in the office, Mitt Romney on the other hand seems to be incapable of taking a standpoint and stick to it. The guy is a flip-flopper, which makes him similar to the president. Being a Democrat, I strongly place my vote on  Obama’s reelection. This position is different from that of Joel, a republican, who does not believe that Obama deserves another chance in the oval office (Mitt, 2004).

First and foremost, I am of the opinion that the president has not had a bad first term in office. When trying to find an answer to this question, the point of consideration should be based on what he inherited from the previous administration. The point being that, what the president inherited was a crumbling economy which had already killed the job market, while the health system was non-existent and the education system was on its deathbed. What needs to be considered four years later is whether the situation is getting worse. Americans need to ask themselves if the economy is still falling apart, and if more and more people are losing jobs, if the healthcare is still the same as it was in 2008. The president inherited a bad economy and a country at war with almost everyone, and now people want to crucify him for shelving his promises so that he can clean up the mess that he inherited. It should be remembered that even with the inborn mess, he has managed to achieve quite a lot in the four years. Today, the world of terrorism has weakened because Osama Bin Laden is no longer there to lead it; the enactment of Obamacare or, the patient protection and Affordable Care Act, 2010, guarantees every American the right to  basic healthcare regardless of person’s employment status, pre-existing medical conditions, age or illnesses and the economy is no longer on its deathbed with employment opportunities increasing at every dawn. While the tax burden on almost everyone is considerably less (Pamela & Robert & John, 2010).

After four years of cleaning the mess while trying to bring sanity into the nation’s economy, security and healthcare systems, the job is only halfway done. This reelection only provides a half time analysis of the performance of the first half and not necessarily a complete assessment of his achievements. The most important matter that every American needs to be concerned with is whether the president still has the faith, and if he still has what it takes to completely restore the nation’s economy and image. People should consider the impact of electing another individual into the white House to take up a job that is halfway done; this may essentially take the country back to 2008. Therefore, having wasted the last four years. My take is that, the president should be given four more years and we could judge his performance then.

Joel’s Point of View

I do not believe in Obama’s capacity, and capability to be a president. This is a person who got to the presidency because he ran unopposed, considering that McCain was popular enough to the mainstream media. He is an individual who has good rhetoric skills and his inspiring speeches moved a country which was so tired from 8 years of terrorist attacks and an ailing economy to vote for him. The president is not qualified to be in that office. He got there with no prior administration experience and no management capability at whatever level for that matter. He was a one-time senator for Illinois and that was all there was to him. His lack of experience was evident in his first-term  office as president. He has destroyed the economy, killed the nation’s industries with bad policies, his healthcare policy is the worst law that was ever  enacted. Our reputation in the world has been dented. Indeed he inherited a bad economy, but how do you explain that it became worse under him, for instance, during the first 15 months, the public sector lost 5.14 million jobs while the private sector lost 5.012 million jobs. His healthcare program will be too expensive for the government to manage while the security structure is in a mess. I honestly believe that America would be better off without Obama. While Romney may not be the ideal guy for the job, he has what it takes to bring stability to the nation’s economy (Martin,  Kenneth & Michael, 2012).